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Last chance to send me a copy of your letter to help McLaren Park

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    I know many of you are busy with kids, family issues and work. Believe me I know where you are coming from. The SF Parks Alliance meeting with Rec and Park
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 11, 2012
      I know many of you are  busy with kids, family issues and work. Believe me I know where you are coming from.  The SF Parks Alliance meeting with Rec and Park and the board of Supervisors is tomorrow.  As of now, I have printed out a few dozen personal notes from many of you, who did a nice job of hammering the point home. 
      I'll have you know we have some strong advocates, some who don't even live in our side of town, writing in our behalf!  Some are planning to attend Monday nights meeting with me.  No one has mentioned anything about going to the meeting from our neighborhood that I know of though.  Something the bond planners might take notice of. 
      Like I said for those who stand idle....there will be no one to blame if funding is insufficient for McLaren Park except ourselves.  This is the opportunity of a life time, by all means, standing at our door step.  All you have to do is take it.
      Below is a sample letter.  Feel free to use it and just type your name and address at the bottom and be sure to replace (WHAT?) with something you feel should be repaired in McLaren Park.  Send your letters to the emails below.  Be sure to send me a copy as well, at helpmlpark@... !
      Sincerely grateful to those who are on board already,
      Chuck Farrugia
      Facebook - Help McLaren Park
      email list serve - helpmlpark@...
      Sample Letter - Mail to

      CC:  your supervisor: (D11 - John Avalos john.avalos@..., D10 - Malia Cohen malia.cohen@..., D9 - David Campos david.campos@...) ; helpmlpark@...
      Please include a significant amount of funding for McLaren Park in the proposed 2012 Parks bond! McLaren Park has 318 acres and is second in size only to Golden Gate Park. In the City's analysis for the 2008 Parks Bond, McLaren Park's capital needs were estimated at $57 million! In the last 4 years of deferred maintenance and inflation, needs have only gotten greater.

      McLaren Park is simply much too large for volunteers and small private grants to fix. Public funds are urgently needed for trail upgrades, pedestrian safety improvements (especially crosswalks on Shelly Drive and Mansell Streets), repairing algae-filled McNab Lake, resurfacing courts, replacing lost play areas, baseball and soccer field repairs, basics like trash cans, irrigation and major landscaping needs that RPD's 3 gardeners will never be able to meet on their own. The thing I really want fixed is (WHAT?).

      As a neighborhood, we have been skipped over way too many times and the damage has been done because of it. Our park shows in it with every turn and with every view. I also am not a blind to the fleet of green trucks and the hundreds of workers, I pay with my meager income and high taxes, to maintain Golden Gate Park everyday.
      Please don't pass our neighborhood by again! We need McLaren Park to be included in the bond at a significant level. 

      Thank you!
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