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Action needed by you !!! Please read !

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  • Ifitefire4u@aol.com
    I don t want to beg but this VERY IMPORTANT. This is the answer to all your hopes, dreams and wishes when it comes to McLaren Park. I have attended many
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      I don't want to beg but this VERY IMPORTANT. This is the answer to all your hopes, dreams and wishes when it comes to McLaren Park.  I have attended many meetings that have to do with the upcoming bond that's going to be in your November ballot.  There's only so much a handful of regulars can say concerning our park and its needs.  Now its is up to you!
      Here it is....   rpd.bondfeedback@...   !!!!!!
      Please.....PLEASE !!!!   Send in your comments and say, in any words you feel are best, that McLaren has waited long enough.  It's time.  It's time to stop the neglect and time to give back to our park.  There are too many areas that have been without care or maintenance.  Our trails, our lost playgrounds, and our very, very sick McNab Lake.  There are thousands of trees that need attention, signs and streets that need repair, cross walks and sidewalks that are missing along Shelly Drive and Mansell streets.  We have a tennis court that needs resurfacing, baseball fields and soccer fields riddled with gopher holes, views and vantage point lost to unkempt trees and bushes.  There's only 3 gardeners working 317 acres !!! 
      We need action yesterday on all these things and more.  Trash cans and doggie bag dispensers.   Custodians to maintain our highly used playgrounds and a return of our lost park patrol that once kept us and our children safe.  This bond could be the big capitol injection McLaren Park has been waiting for but we are competing with many parks throughout the city.  If your don't write  and send in your comments, McLaren will get lost in the shuffle to other needy parks that are much smaller and can get funding from many other avenues.  Our park is too large to be piece mealed together with just a few grants here and there. We need this, and we need it really bad! 
      Please send a copy to your supervisors as well (D11 - John Avalos john.avalos@..., D10 - Malia Cohen malia.cohen@..., D9 - David Campos david.campos@...) as well as Rec and Park at the email above and let them know you are standing up and you want to be counted!!! 
      Chuck & Trilce Farrugia
      PS - Please send a copy to me as well and I'll print them out to hand in to the park planers in person.  Remember, even if the entire bond (a proposed 185 million dollars) was all spent on McLaren Park, it wouldn't be enough money.  McLaren Park is that big and that far gone due to lack of maintenance.  If we don't get the majority of this bond money, we are getting screwed once again.  This will be the last bond measure for parks in many many elections to come, and you do remember how much McLaren received from the last bond measures that passed right?  $0 : ( Thank your previous supervisors and each other really, for not stepping up when there was a chance.  By not doing so you let McLaren Park fall to ruin while other parks reaped the benefits of YOUR TAX DOLLARS!
      Please forward to your friends and neighbors!
      Help McLaren Park
      Facebook - Help McLaren Park
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