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  • rmorine@aol.com
    I ll add this about the questionnaire that was mailed, I received one at my business address that is about half a block away from the Visitacion Station on
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 11, 2011
      I'll add this about the questionnaire that was mailed, I received one at my business address that is about half a block away from the Visitacion Station on Leland Ave. The questionnaire was for the McLaren Station  on San Bruno Ave. One of two things might happen out of this:
      Either people that use the Visitacion Station and received the McLaren questionnaire filled it out correctly and stated that they never use the McLaren Station (which it how I filled it out). This skews the responses against McLaren but does not show their  usage the Visitacion Station. As a result both Stations lose out in levels of support.
      Or as Marlene suggests people using the Visitacion Station missed that the questionnaire was for the McLaren Station and filled it out in a manner that shows their actual usage (at Visitacion) but is then attributed to the wrong station (McLaren). Again this skews the apparent level of usage at both Stations but the Visitacion Station really loses.
      I think the response date is Oct 14th for the one I received in the mail.
      In a message dated 10/11/2011 9:23:00 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, tranmarlene@... writes:

          Excuse any typos because of the rush to get this information to you ASAP.

               Hi Visitacion Valley Folks:

      • As you may already know, USPS proposed closing five post offices in San Francisco but three of them are all in District 10   ( Visitacion Valley, on San Bruno Ave and on Lane Street in the Bayview)!
      •  Without extensive USPS outreach, many people ( especially amongst the diverse residents ) were unaware of the three community meetings which were held in inconvenient locations & time. I attended all four meetings( including a preliminary one on Golden Gate Ave). Alex Lazar, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi's assistant, was present, too.
      • For their annual USPS food drive, every postal customer receives a post card to solicit food, so why didn't USPS send out meeting notifications to all residents affected by our serious postal closures in District 10? By simply posting white sheets of paper at the stations and only notifying mail box customers is totally unacceptable.
      • Please note that District 10 is the only district that has a proposed closure of all our three post offices. But, we are the only district with the most upcoming building developments.  One developer, Universal Paragon's representative, Steven Huang, spoke & already presented  a letter to USPS regarding his future development on Bayshore & Leland ( former Schlage Lock site )
      • If the intent of USPS representatives is to seek real input, why didn't they bring their surveys intended for VV residents to our Sept.28th meeting?  The deadline for return is October 10th ---which is a postal holiday!
      • Last week a secondary and very official-looking survey that VV residents received has an intended "McLaren Post Office" designation and, presumably, the bar code is also intended for the San Bruno Ave branch. It appears that many unaware residents quickly filled out the surveys without noticing the "McLaren Post Office " designation. So, does this mean that our VV post office fate is already determined? But, these officials told us at all the meetings that this is just an exploratory stage.
      • I would like to know how many VV residents received surveys with the "McLaren Station" designation and how many responded? It's likely that this directly mailed version to VV residents ( with the returned envelope )  may have more responses than the ones previously left at our VV station for people to pick up--- when they go there.
      • This misleading tactic may have questionable  consequence for our Visitacion Valley branch.
      • Considering our own Visitacion Valley branch may be more at risk and, given the short notice, I rushed my translated USPS survey to ask for input from our non-English speaking residents yesterday.
      • Many residents were disappointed that neither our Supervisor Malia Cohen nor her aides  were present at our three community meetings even though I had included meeting reminders to them. We would like to get updates as to how Supervisor Cohen will help our three post offices( especially our Visitacion Valley branch) to remain open.               
      •  Please rush any supportive letter to the following:
      Alex  LAZAR <Alex.Lazar@...>; Supervisor David  CHIU <david.chiu@...>;  Supervisor Malia COHEN <Malia.Cohen@...>;  Meghan  HAMILTON <megan.hamilton@...>; Senator Mark LENO <Senator.Leno@...>;  Debbie Brady <dbrady4@...>; Russ LOWE <Russ_Lowe@...>;
              Please include the following:
      Mayor Ed Lee, Senator Barbara Boxer, Postmaster General Patrick R. Donahoe, Postal Regulatory Commission, and any department /person that can help us.
             But an immediate letter to:
      Ms. Sylvia Siu
      USPS- District Discontinuance Coordinator
      P.O.Box: 882708
      San Francisco 94188 - 2708

       Marlene Tran

      Spokesperson~ Visitacion Valley Asian Alliance (VVAA)
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