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  • Stephen Toth
    Adrian, Wonderful instructions. Thanks again ... Adrian, Wonderful instructions. Thanks again Adrian Scott wrote: You can edit the vcmnu file with VCADDs
    Message 1 of 7 , Jul 16, 2012
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          Wonderful instructions. Thanks again

      Adrian Scott wrote:

      You can edit the vcmnu file with VCADD’s configuration editor, which is accessible from the Utilities menu on the DEFAULT menu.  You’ll have to switch back to DEFAULT to find it.  Here’s a few hints for adding the menu items:


      ·         Use Custom.vcmnu as a reference for the commands that you want to add.

      ·         The configuration editor is MDI so you can have allcommands4.vcmnu and custom.vcmnu open at the same time, switching between them with the Windows menu.

      ·         An easy way to copy menu <Item> elements is to select them in the left hand tree, right click and choose Copy

      ·         Likewise, copies can be inserted by selecting the insertion point in the tree, right clicking and choosing Insert After or Insert Before


      Make sure to save the file before using it.  You don’t have to restart VCADD to see the modified menu, just right click on the VCADD menu and select it.




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      If course, the run macro choice will nit be in my new menu. That menu was built before V6. I will have to learn how to add it.

      Stephen Toth wrote:


      Thanks Ed and Adrian. It is converted and works fine. It's a great menu.

      According to the help on Macros, there should be a "run Macro" in the utilities tab. It is not there or I am misinterpreting the instructions.
      I'm trying to run the Nativelist macro.

      Adrian Scott wrote:


      Ed's advice on how to convert the menu is correct.  Just add the mnu file to the Menus folder and then right click on the VCADD menu.  Your allcommands4 menu should be in the list. VCADD will convert it automatically when you select it.


      V6 includes a sample macro called NativeList which will create a text list of all of the native commands, along with their shortcuts.  That list can be imported into your favorite spreadsheet and massaged to give a command/shortcut cross reference.  There is also a macro called 2L_Spy which will provide the command info for a given shortcut.  That macro could be modified to go from command to shortcut.


      Another way to go from command to shortcut or vice versa is to use the AS dialog.  The native command list at the right has the commands and shortcuts in it.  When that control has the focus you can type the first letter of a command to go to it.  To search by shortcut instead of command, click the SC column header to change the sort order.




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      Subject: [VC] MENU CHOICES


      One of the members created a menu for Vcad that worked through ver 5 but does not work with ver 6.
      It was called " allcommands4 ". It was a great menu because it gave you options, well beyond the base menu supplied.

      The current help file is remiss, in that when you ask about a command, it does not show the shortcut for same. That one befuddles me.
      So then you have to search around for the shortcut code or just open Vcad 5 to get it quickly.

      Has someone emulated the above mentioned menu, or is there a conversion for Vcad 5 menus?
      Thank You
      S. Toth
      Cadillac Window Corp

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