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Imbolc Divination

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  • Ian Innes Celtson
    As winter wanes it is very natural to wonder what lies ahead in the new year; what will blossom in the spring, ripen through the summer, and await our harvest
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2006
      As winter wanes it is very natural to wonder what lies ahead in the
      new year; what will blossom in the spring, ripen through the summer,
      and await our harvest in the fall. Therefore, a common part the
      Imbolc celebration is to perform divination, either as a lighthearted
      game, or a serious magical indertaking. Ask Brighid's aid; she was
      seen as the great inspiration behind divination and prophecy, an
      oracle in her own right

      Here are some techniques you can use; most are ancient, and a few are
      modern. In all of these, remember that the answers given are trends
      and probabilities, based on everything continuing to go the way it
      is. If anything changes, the outcome will change. By your choices
      adn actions, you direct your future. Divination merely tells you if
      you are headed in the right direction...or if you are walking into
      disaster, so you can avoid it. (But you all know this already.) :)

      Pyromancy: Of the many forms of divination available, those having
      to do with fire, smoke and candles are the most appropriate for
      Brighids Day. Pyromancy means divination using fire, and comes in
      many forms. You can use a simple candle flame, a fire burning in a
      hearth, a cauldron, a bond fire, an oil lamp (use sented oils for a
      little extra "ooompf"). Pyromancy is actually a form of scrying,
      where in you focus your intent as you gaze into a flame, and call
      forth a vision. To do this you will want to sit in a comfortable
      possition with a pad of paper and a writing utensil. Have your
      question formulated and clear in your mind, see it, hear it, then
      relax, ground and center, call on your guides and favorite deity
      (being Imbolc, Brighid is a good bet), draw your protective and
      energizing energy into yourself, then allow the vision to come as you
      gaze into the flame. Keep yourself as relaxed as possible, without
      falling asleep, and don't try to "force" the vision. This is a
      common mistake. The vision will come, you just have to be patient.
      Keep the question in your mind as you gaze. Pictures may appear, but
      they may vanish quickly, so stay focused. Faeries sometimes speak
      through the flames, and the Gods and Goddesses especially like the
      activity and life of the fire as a means to communicate.

      Listening is also important in pyromancy. The logs or herbs you use
      may "talk" to you with their snapping, crackling and popping. As the
      fire burns down to embers, images may appear in the glowing coals.
      These are frequently easier to read than flames, because the visions
      tend to last longer. It's also easier to sit before glowing embers
      without being so warmed that you nod off. When you have received an
      answer, or a vision, thank the flames, as well as your guides and
      whatever deitiy has spoken to you, or guided you. Then immediately
      write down your impressions, even if they seem irrelevant or silly at
      the moment. Scrying is very much like dreaming, especially lucid
      dreaming, and answers don't always come in clear direct form. What
      you write down might not make much sense right away, but will become
      clear in a day or a week. Finally, reground and center, release your
      protective energy, give thanks, get up and stretch.

      More divination for Imbolc will follow. ~Ian
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