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Re: Mirror of The Mind

Hi Shubhayan,                         That is a great idea. Please can u create a Whatsapp group and invite me and other friends. I
Prabhu Palaniappan
Feb 28

Re: Mirror of The Mind

Hi Prabhu, I am very much interested in this. I was wondering if a What'sApp group can be started for this, so, that we could communicate with each other
Shubhayan Sengupta
Feb 27

Re: Mirror of The Mind

Hi People,                  I am searching for some people with whom i can do meditation and goal setting. If anyone's interested please mail
Prabhu Palaniappan
Feb 25

Re: Mirror of The Mind

I recommend a Silva Method CD/DVD as the best help get 1 to help you review the technique. Have a great day. Marian
Marian Vallejo
Feb 6

Mirror of The Mind

Hi, I am not getting the results from the Mirror of the Mind technique. I feel I am doing something wrong, so, not getting the results. Can anyone please help
Feb 6

Feliz Navidad

Cynthia I. De Rudder "Una sonrisa significa mucho. Enriquece a quien la recibe; sin empobrecer a quien la ofrece. Dura un segundo pero su recuerdo, a veces,
Cynthia De Rudder
Dec 23, 2006

Subjects needed for meditation research

The Great Western Vehicle is conducting research into the phenomena of meditative absorption. If you believe that you may be experiencing any kind of
Sep 21, 2006

[Virtual Silva Cottage Group] Re: See for Your self

Hello Richard, thank-you for your kind response. It is excellent to know that you have found the first jhana through the use of a Long Relax audio tape. Good
Jeffrey S. Brooks
Aug 28, 2006

Meditation Research

Hello friends, if you are interested in observing or participating in dialog on the subject of meditation research, then you may find this Yahoo Group of
Jeffrey Brooks
Aug 23, 2006

Re: [Virtual Silva Cottage Group] Re: See for Your self

Beautiful letter Jeffrey, Totally enjoyed the read. For myself I AM able to achieve and enter and abides in the first meditative absorption state (jhana),
Richard Garcia, CSMI
Aug 23, 2006

Re: See for Your self

Hello friends Richard, johnk2kuk, Silva and Kaykhosrow. Thank-you all for posting your kind and supportive messages. I took the intro to Silva course in the
Jeffrey S. Brooks
Aug 23, 2006

Ecstatic Buddhism

Hello friends you are invited to subscribe to an infrequent newsletter that is dedicated to meditative absorption and Ecstatic Buddhism. This newsletter will
Jul 10, 2006

[Virtual Silva Cottage Group] Re: Can anyone help me?

Marian, Thanks so much for your feedback. The good news is I've fixed my problem. I didn't even need to use Silva Method. I used something else. Not the
Jun 12, 2006

Re: [Virtual Silva Cottage Group] Re: Can anyone help me?

The simple answer is: YES, SOMEONE CAN HELP YOU ---- YOU CAN. Change happens and we cannot go back to what was, ever. In your case that is more than obvious
Marian Vallejo
Jun 8, 2006

[Virtual Silva Cottage Group] Re: Can anyone help me?

Hi friends, First of, yes, I'm not a graduate. I apologize for not mentioning this in my previous message as I was in great hurry. Marian, thank you for your
Jun 8, 2006
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