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Re: Problems Thank you. It works great! Lew Miller ============================================================================ ======= In a message dated 3/27/2014
Mar 27
Re: Problems Hi, This two functions just tell your system to open an html file or an URL using your default Internet browser. It not open because you not install any
Patrick Chevalley
Mar 27
Problems I purchased the DVD and I cannot do the two following things. If I double click on the Tutorial image on the welcome screen, I do not get the Tutorial to
Mar 26
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Windows 7 Hello, I have had to get a new computer. My old computer (Windows XP) had the software on it. Where is the best place to go for the download, so can I get it
Stephen .
May 18, 2013
Printing A quick question. When I attempt to print all I get is the general information on a particular crater but the image of the Moon will not print. How can I
May 18, 2013
Re: Virtual Moon Atlas update 6.1-576 Hi Patrick and Christian, Thumbs Up Thanks a lot for this Upgrade and thanks for taking into consideration my small wishes :-) Again, Great program that helps
May 1, 2013
Re: Import from CSV Works great now. Thanks Patrick.
Apr 22, 2013
Virtual Moon Atlas update 6.1-576 Hi, An update is now available that fix some problem encountered with the version 6.0. This is just a small update file that must be installed after the main
Patrick Chevalley
Apr 21, 2013
Re: Import from CSV Hi, You are right, there is bug here that prevent to import the file. Strangely the bug effect is not the same on Windows and Linux. I do the correction and
Patrick Chevalley
Apr 21, 2013
Re: Import from CSV I should have mentioned that I'm using v6.0 on Windows 7 - 64 bit.
Apr 20, 2013
Import from CSV I'm trying to import a csv file but when I select this option the window that opens goes directly to the 'Select data field' tab - I do not get the option to
Apr 20, 2013
Ephemeris Set time bug after switch to CDT? VMA appears to have an Ephemeris bug regarding the Set time when using the America/Chicago Time Zone after Daylight Saving Time went into effect. I am running
Mar 11, 2013
WebLun in Italian Italian users of this Atlas can now display the main window of the new WebLun module fully in Italian. The following link:
Jan 12, 2013
Little big Moon Hi, Inspired by VMA and via its help in recognizing the Moon features at certain time I decided to make a little mosaic of the Moon on the 21st of December
Dec 27, 2012
Re: Is this the right place .... Hi Patrick, Thanks for the info. Will do in the future regards Rainer
Dec 8, 2012
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Re: Is this the right place .... Hi, I prefer the bug tracker for feature request because some feature may require a long time to be implemented and an email is so easily lost. But for
Patrick Chevalley
Dec 8, 2012
Is this the right place .... .... for suggestions of features for VMA ? If yes, what about the possibility of being able to specify a start up size of the full moon globe ? I have a
Dec 7, 2012
Re: FOV and CCD calculation Hi Patrick, Just posted a bug report in Mantis. Thanks for the calculation way. I made myself a few years ago an spreadsheet to calculate it :-)
Nov 30, 2012
Re: FOV and CCD calculation Hi, Yes, I can confirm there is a bug that prevent to change the captor size in the CCD field setting. Can you open a bug report also for this problem. In the
Patrick Chevalley
Nov 28, 2012
Re: FOV and CCD calculation Hi Christian, Thanks for the Tip. I see that clicking with the right mouse button brings up a new menu window. Started to read the instruction manual yesterday
Nov 27, 2012
Re: FOV and CCD calculation Hi Christian, OS = Windows XP Pro version 2002 Service Pack 3 Computer processor = AMD Athlon 64 Processor 3500+ RAM Size = 2 Gigabyte Graphic card = NVIDIA
Nov 27, 2012
Re: FOV and CCD calculation Dear Mr, Sorry, I just discover your mail with this problem after sending our thanks mail. I put Patrick in copy for the answer to this technical problem. In a
Christian LEGRAND
Nov 26, 2012
FOV and CCD calculation Hi, I am having a problem with the input of the size in pixels for my cameras. The fields are greyed out and there is no way to input any numbers different
Nov 26, 2012
Hi from Mexico :-) Hi, Just downloaded the 4 GB of the program and installed. I have been using VMA since many years and last weekend I dedicated some imaging time to the Moon.
Nov 26, 2012
Re: Acces denied... Bonjour, A priori je pense a un problème de droit d'accès sur un fichier. Pouvez-vous ouvrir un incident sur
Patrick Chevalley
Nov 15, 2012
Acces denied... Bonjour, je viens d'installer la version 6 sur mon Mac (os X 10.7.4). L'installation s'est très bien passée, mais lorsque je lance le programme il me dit
Nov 15, 2012
Re: Release of the new VMA "10th anniversary / Pro 6" version Hi, I am sorry the new version do not run fine on your laptop. All the previous version are archived on the Sourceforge site. You can download from :
Patrick Chevalley
Nov 15, 2012
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Re: Release of the new VMA "10th anniversary / Pro 6" version Congratulations Christian and Patrick on your labors over the 10 years and the release of v6. I tried to run v6 and I guess I need a new laptop before I can
Nov 15, 2012
Nouvelle version "10ème anniversaire" de l'Atlas Virtuel de la Lune Chers collègues, Nous sommes heureux d'annoncer la mise en ligne de la Nouvelle version "Pro 6 / 10ème anniversaire" de l'Atlas Virtuel de la Lune ! En 2002
Nov 15, 2012
Release of the new VMA "10th anniversary / Pro 6" version Dear colleagues, In 2002 we published the first version of the VMA. Today, for its 10th anniversary, we are happy to present you the new Pro 6 version, the
Nov 15, 2012
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