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Re: Transfigurated hrocruxes

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  • Bogdan Armasoiu
    An ominscient author knows everything that hapends with the characters and the plot. He presents the bigger picture . If the perspective is stuck with a
    Message 1 of 89 , Nov 1, 2006
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      An ominscient author knows everything that hapends with the characters and the plot. He presents the "bigger picture". If the perspective is stuck with a certain character and something hapends and would afect that character we would not know about it until he/she would found out. Consider it like the "fog of war" in comuter games: you see only your faction and its allies and not the enemy. And while you may think you know what the enemy is doing, that's only guesswork.

      Sometimes, when narating from character related perspective, the narator would take "omniscience pils" so that the plot doesn't cool down. The two pasages about the young agent inside Hogwards qualify.

      In the begining, Harry knew his oponent's moves. The perspective was centered on him most of the time, but his foreknowledge made the perspectice comparable to an omniscient one. As Ron pointed out, changing things changed his oponents actions. Now the perspective fails to compair to that of an omniscient narator. There are things that are hapening behind his back that Harry does not know of.


      P.S. Yes, I grew fond of the pet-name some years ago.

      --- In viridian_dreams@yahoogroups.com, ScottL <scott@...> wrote:
      > I am a bit confused why you are mentioning his foreknowledge as I
      > don't (and never did) think it was related to this point. I was just
      > saying that they DO have a good explanation and only one according to
      > their own points of view. It is not an "innocent" explanation but it is
      > a very good one.
      > On the other hand the tasty horcrux snack theory is not really
      > something that canon would indicate and I personally think there is good
      > counter indication. As well as Occom coming after it with his razor.
      > Anyway given what Matt said on this thread I think we can assume that
      > in NoFP at least that is not what happened.
      > They are visually blind but they can sense emotions even those of
      > animals. If they had been told that they were looking for a dog then a
      > dog appearing in the woods near the burrow one which ran from them .....
      > SKL
      > P.S. Do you go by Boghi in real life? I know a number of Bogdan's and
      > had not heard that one though it does sorta fit. :)
      > Bogdan Armasoiu wrote:
      > > In my oppinion that's still Harry and the gang, not an omniscient
      > > narator. The naration in the quetes you put forth are from a focused
      > > naratoric sequence. A sequence focured on Harry. And I must repeat that
      > > Harry has lost most of his foreknowledge. The reason he is taking the
      > > ofensive is that this way he gets to have some control over the public
      > > opinion before others do. He has lost his forkowledge and is fighting
      > > shadows as well as his enemys. The dream about Dumbledore showed that.
      > >
      > > Harry and his friends couldn't come with a good explanation. I was
      > > wondering if there is or isn't one. I wanted to see if WE couldn't come
      > > up with one.
      > >
      > > While Matt hasn't clarifed that the Horcruxes were brought distroyed, I
      > > was pointing at the posibility that the dementors were simply artacted
      > > by the "extra-dimesionally stored" Horcruxes, not by the */Black dog/*.
      > > After all, dementors *are* *BLIND*.
      > >
      > > I do not deny that the dementors must have been ordered to stay only a
      > > few miles near the Barrow. *But if they are blind, how did they spot
      > > Sirius?*
      > >
      > > Boghi
    • The Unicorn
      When I originally read the scene I d thought Barty Crouch Jr. was killed to save his family the emberasment of having how he escaped revealed and the ministry
      Message 89 of 89 , Nov 3, 2006
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        When I originally read the scene I'd thought Barty Crouch Jr. was killed to save his family the emberasment of having how he escaped revealed and the ministry the emberasment of a dmitting he'd succesfully escaped their unbreakable prison. I don't believe Fudge would have been that desperate to deny the truth so early that he'd start killing people

        THe Unicorn

        quizer_85 <Quizer@...> wrote:
        > Fudge acted like it was an accident. And if he'd done it to cover
        > up for Voldemort, I think Dumbledore *might* have noticed that
        > with his legilimency.

        I'm not at all convinced Dumbledore has or would have used Legilimency
        in that situation. Besides, nobody said he did it to cover up for
        Voldemort (did they?). I'd say he had the dementor quickly off Crouch
        so that Fudge wouldn't have to compromise his comfortable world views.
        Fudge does seem to be quite stubborn in that regard. I believe he may
        well have started his campaign of denial this early.


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