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Politics and Consciousness, Can they co-exist

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  • Virato
    http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20070823/ap_on_re_as/vietnam_iraq_bush_1;_ylt=AtSViBdazOjZNzaS3OebUrME1vAI Listen to VIRATO LIVE! tomorrow, Saturday, August 25,
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      Listen to VIRATO LIVE! tomorrow, Saturday, August 25, 10:06 AM to 1 PM EDT
      880 AM radio in Asheville, NC, USA...and http://viratolive.com world-wide!
      From 10:06 AM,  after my meditation, until 10:58 AM EDT we will have open mic. The studio number is 828-252-4348.  Our new producer is Neil, so be gentle. Tell him your name, where you are from and the question or comment you wish to, and turn off your broadcast or computer sound any other sound, since there is a delay, and speak strongly into your phone. A land line is best. Listen through your telephone.
      Be patient, there should not be a long wait, unless we are going into a break, which we do for about 2 minutes at 10:20AM EDT,10:35AM EDT,10:50AM EDT, and show accepts last call at around 10:56AM EDT. Message from Asheville closing comments and coming shows announcements 10:58AM EDT and off at 10:59:45AM EDT.
      The major topic is politics and War/violence and Higher Consciousness...

      Open Mic

      Tomorrow between 10:06 AM EDT and 10:58 AM EDT is our periodic program, Open Mic,  Open Forum, when you are invited to join in and ask questions, share your dreams, thoughts, suggestions, etc. Make it YOUR show!  Give a call now to a friend anywhere in the country and tell them to go online tomorrow to http://viratolive.com at 10 AM New York time, turn on their speakers and be by a telephone ready to call our studio # 828-252-4348. It is best for callers to ask their question and then let the line go for another caller, listening to the reply.

      Everyone is welcome to call in with their own questions and comments you questions or comments to Virato and they may be posted here...

      Questions to-date:

      • You broadcast on 880 AM which during the week calls itself "progressive." Does VIRATO LIVE! offer this also, or is your show only about new age, the paranormal and consciousness. 
      • Where do you see your role in what appears to be happening in Asheville tied into the recent series of events for civil disobedience. And what about on a national level.What we does your show fit in? Do you take a political stance?
      If as you often say Virato, we create our own reality,so why discuss the bad at all, why not see into the light and come only from the positive? The way of the Buddha was not of the sword, was it?
      • If Asheville is such a new age town, why isn't there a central place that people meet?  Whatever happened to the Center of Unlimited Possibilities and their 30,000 sq.ft. place in West Asheville? And what about the Chamber of Consciousness?

      What happened to Spirit In The Smokies and Natural Awakenings, Whole Health News magazines?
      Is this a sign that the consciousness movement is over in Asheville?

      Studio telephone number to call in is

    • James F. Holwell
      Virato, I am not going to get up early enough to call in live, but I do have a question. Politics and Consciousness, Can they co-exist? Can they not co-exist?
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        I am not going to get up early enough to call in live, but I do have a question.

        Politics and Consciousness, Can they co-exist?
        Can they not co-exist?
        Politics without Consciousness is only more problem-fixing which inevitably leads to larger problems, is that so?

        Consciousness without Politics reminds me of an ostrich with head in the ground, thereby avoiding all sense of what is going on around us.  What do we learn from the Buddhist monks who burned themselves to death in protest of the American war in Vietnam?

        Is there a use for the term Metapolitics perhaps?


        PS -- This link to an article that refutes GWB's ridiculous idea about why we should have continued the war in Vietnam
        Thanks for sending it.

        "The official story of 9/11 is a bunch of hogwash. It's impossible.
        High levels of our government don't want us to know what happened and who's responsible."
        ...Colonel Robert Bowman, PhD, former head of President Reagan's ‘Star Wars' program, Caltech PhD in nuclear engineering and astronautics, and decorated combat fighter pilot

        Demand a new investigation.
        Stand up. Be counted.

        Real 9/11 Heroes Speak Out Against Rudy
        New York City firefighters are out to set the record straight on Rudy Giuliani's 9/11 legacy. What on Earth did this man do on 9/11 and in its aftermath that was so breathtakingly heroic? http://prospect.org/cs/articles?article=real_911_heroes_speak_out_against_rudy


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