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RE: [vintagejapansewingmachines] 5.00$$$$$$$$

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  • Kelley McCrory
    I have gotten all my Japanese machines for $5 or less. There was one for $5 (Alden s), on for $2 (Morse) and the rest were free. The local transfer station
    Message 1 of 4 , Jun 30, 2005
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      I have gotten all my Japanese machines for $5 or less.  There was one for $5 (Alden’s), on for $2 (Morse) and the rest were free.  The local transfer station (dump) calls me when people bring machines in and I pick them up.  I have gotten at least 15-20 machines this way.  The best one I got for free was a Singer 604E T&S that was emaculate.  I have also gotten quite a few really nice Kenmore free arm machines and quite a few Japanese branded machines.  I have posted pictures of some of them in the photos section in a folder (Kelley).  I actually dread the transfer station calling now as I have run out of room, but I don’t want to miss the good ones either.

      Kelley in VT


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      Are you serious Dale????? Only 5.00? Man, I wish it was like that here and on Ebay! It would be just as cheap for me to send you 5 and shipping! Debbie

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