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Guide for Sewing machine Shipping

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  • Cindy Peters
    Good Morning, Y all Inadequate packing & shipping damage are probably the most common complaints on eBay and my pet peeve! In addition to the sew2go packing
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 2, 2008
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      Good Morning, Y'all

      Inadequate packing & shipping damage are probably the most common complaints on eBay and my pet peeve! In addition to the sew2go packing instructions, I refer sellers to these sites:
      I also advise sellers to remove the needle & turn the hand wheel until the take-up lever is all the way down, usually mostly inside the machine and therefore, more protected from damage. Some experienced sellers can safely pack a machine inside the case but I've never had the guts to try it. Advise your seller to ship the case separately from the head & be prepared to pay for the additional shipping expense.

      I pay for insurance on machines I sell, figuring that I'm the one who has to file the claim (or should!), I'm the one who gets the money back and I'm the one who ultimately has to make the buyer happy so insurance is more for my protection than for the buyer. ( I realize that Graham Forsdyke & I are in the distinct minority here) Remember that no amount of insurance, regardless of who pays for it, will save you if the machine was not properly packed. Sellers who make insurance a buyer's expense have no incentive to do a thorough job of packing . . . particularly if you bought the machine for a low price. I take digital photos while I'm packing to prove that the machine was properly packed. Once on its way, I email the buyer advising them to STOP unpacking & START taking photos should there appear to be any shipping damage, save all packing materials and contact me right away. Beware of sellers who claim "Not responsible once it has left our hands " or some variation on that theme.

      I have a 100% safe arrival record using USPS and Greyhound Package Express. Cabinets usually go GPX if the buyer has a Greyhound terminal near them - with the head going USPS Parcel Post. FedEx, UPS etc. have the worst record. I'm leery of 'drop shops' like ISoldIt, etc. but have no first hand experience with them.

      It takes me 45 minutes to an hour to pack just a head - a couple of hours to do a treadle - but as I said, I have a 100% safe arrival record (knock wood!). My Postmaster wandered into the shop one day while I was packing a treadle and, after seeing how I do it, he told me to bring any claims directly to him, should I have a problem. Still, I have a knot in my stomach until I hear from the buyer that the machine has arrived safely.

      The packing/shipping problems almost always originate with sellers who found a machine at a garage sale and put it on Ebay for a quick profit not realizing (or caring) that it's a very complicated and time consuming operation.

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