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  • forgotten_echoes
    Jul 7, 2014
      Thanks for all the helpful advice I received (through email).  I'm still trying to get a handle on how these groups work so I'm hoping this message is view-able (I'm used to just plain old forums). 

      The machine was a no-go because the price was still too high considering the slide plate was missing, one of the cords needed replacing, there was no bobbin, and the table-top needed refinishing.  I also didn't have a screwdriver to get the top open so while it did look nice on the outside, there was a still a chance that I wouldn't get it working.  I probably would have paid $30 (which from my research still may have been a bit high) but just couldn't do the $50.

      I have found a Stradivaro that I like, it's in more of a desk than a table and the listing claims it works well, just needs a new belt.  The body looks good but I haven't yet seen it in person.  The asking price however is $120.  I'm guessing a better price would be $70-80?  It's so hard to tell because the few that are on eBay are listed at $200-300 (though I'm having trouble finding actual "sold" prices).  I'm tempted to email the seller and inquire about accessories, whether a manual is present or not, etc. but if the price is way off base I don't want to get started down that trail.  

      Here's a link to a picture of it:

      I appreciate all the advice; I'm still a newbie at this!

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