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6575Question About Potential American Beauty

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  • forgotten_echoes
    Jul 3, 2014
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      I'm relatively new to the realm of antique sewing machines but find I am diving in head first.  I should note that i have not yet done any work on a machine, but am willing to learn.

      I recently came across a Craigslist American Beauty machine.  It's in a table, but doesn't look to come with much in the way of accessories or a manual, but I fell in love with the look.  I'm hoping to go and look at it in person, but I guess I'm not really sure what to look for.  There are so many variations of these machines out there that it is pretty overwhelming!  I should note that I have checked out Zorba's site. 

      I'm under the impression this machine would have cams?  And I'm seen people mention to look for a cracked cam stack...will this be pretty obvious or is there something I need to have a trained eye to see? 

      I also know that it is missing the slide plate, so I'm hoping somehow I can find one from a different badged machine.  

      The machine looks a lot like this one uploaded by carol.vesperino: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/vintagejapansewingmachines/photos/photostream/lightbox/822465145?orderBy=mtime&sortOrder=desc&photoFilter=ALL#zax/822465145

      Thanks for any advice!


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