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6561Re: I have a question about the last digit of vintage kenmore machines

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  • alpearce1234
    Jun 28 8:04 PM
      Hi Susan,

      Thanks for your reply.  I think I know which Youtube person your're referring to.  Her ID starts with "N" and ends with "Girl".  I actually got that idea from watching one of her videos.  She briefly talked about the extra digit and what it meant.  I thought she said it stood for the particular shank type.  I went back to look for the same video but she had many of them on Kenmore alone and I couldn't find the same one again.  

      At this point I am leaning towards the machine package not the shank type.  I have the 1914-1 and if someone with a 1914-0/2/3 can compare notes with me,we can clear things up a bit.  Until then, I will keep trying to locate that particular video to see if she said shank or features.  Ask for asking her that question, I probably won't waste my breath.  I have seen a lot of people asked her questions about the machines she was selling but she never answered them.  Seems to me, she just wants to sell her machines on eBay so the Youtube
      questions are not really her concerns.  
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