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6555Re: I have a question about the last digit of vintage kenmore machines

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  • alpearce1234
    Jun 21, 2014
      I believe you're onto something.  The reason I thought that Youtube woman could be right was that I have seen some Kenmore machines with the same model number yet in different shank types.  I've only seen the extra digit in the 158 and maybe the 148 series.   

      I have a Kenmore 158.1231 manual.  In that back of the manual it has three separate sections for parts for model numbers: 1231-0, 1231-2, and 1231-3.  I compared part numbers but couldn't draw any conclusions. 

      The straight stitch foot for the 1231-0 was #6783, while the straight stitch foot for 1231-2 and 1231-3 was #6875.  The satin stitch foot for the 1231-0 was #45565, while the part number was #6870 for both the 1231-2 and 1231-3.  The 1231-0 and 1231-2 share the same foot pedal while the 1231-3 does not.  Then part number for the accessory box was completely different for all three of them.  

      To make matter more confusing, these extra digits don't always appear on the manual or the machine itself.  In most cases, I saw them on the shipping box.  

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