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Box fans: My current "Wanted" list

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  • joshua_griisser
    I am always on the lookout for electric fans from the 1980s. Since this group is focused on box fans, here is a list of all the box fans that I am currently
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 9, 2007
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      I am always on the lookout for electric fans from the 1980s. Since
      this group is

      focused on box fans, here is a list of all the box fans that I am

      searching for.

      *Galaxy 3714: This is a 20", 2-speed box fan. A photo of the cosmetically

      identical 3-speed version can be seen here:
      Note that there are several versions of this. The logo on the badge
      comes in 2

      different styles. Also, some models have a bunch of small openings
      around the

      blade hub, and some (like the one shown here) don't. Any of these are
      *Lasko 4714: Identical to above except for the brand name.
      *Lasko 4713: A 3-speed version of this same fan.
      *Eastern 333: Same as the Galaxy 3713 / Lasko 4713 except for the
      brand name.
      *Sears 8120: Same as the 3713/4713 except for the brand name and color

      *Galaxy 3746: A box fan with a thermostat. You can see a picture of the

      identical Lasko 4746 here:
      As above, the logotype and blade hub may differ.
      *Lasko 4746: See above; I would like to obtain either one or both of
      *Sears 8121: Same as above except for the brand name and color scheme.

      *Eastern 1212: The same as the Galaxy 3712 except the brand name. You
      can see the Galaxy 3712 here:

      *Lakewood P-47/M: This is the same as the common Lakewood P-23 except
      that it

      has a thermostat knob next to the speed knob. You can see a picture of
      the P-23

      in David's photo album here:
      Note that some versions of this fan have a nameplate in the top right
      of the

      front grille and some don't. Either one is fine.

      *Lakewood C-122/X: The same as the C-122 but without the pivot stand.
      Here's a photo of the C-122:

      *Robeson 2306: I have a few versions of this, but the one I want is
      shown here:
      Note that this version has a beige/tan-colored box, similar to the
      Lakewood P-


      *Robeson 03-2385-96: This is an electrically reversible box fan with
      an unusual

      4-wing plastic blade. Here's a photo of it from an old K-Mart ad:
      I want this one badly and have been looking for it, without success,
      for quite

      some time.

      *Edison/Toastmaster: I do not yet have a complete list of these. But I
      am interested in almost any models that use the "Thin and Light" blade
      style since these are mostly from the 1980s.

      *Frigid: I currently have the EA-203 three-speed version, which you
      can see here:
      I am looking for the two-speed version as well as for the version that
      has a white blade instead of black.
      *Eagle Aire: These are rebranded Frigids, and should look the same as
      above. I still need both two- and three-speed versions.
      *Frigid also made a rotary louver fan (12" or 14" blade) of which I do
      not know the model number. Let me know if you have seen it.

      *Windmere WLF-12B: This rotary louver fan was made until about 1986.
      You can see an old advertising photo here:

      *Holmes Air HACF-82: Another rotary louver fan. Here's what it looks like:

      *Circulaire: I have the version with a 3-wing blade. There is another
      version with a 5-wing blade that I am still looking for.

      If you have any of these, or any non-box fans from the 1980s, let me know.
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