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Re: [patch] :perldo doesn't work on 32-bit Windows

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    ... Thanks, I prefer this patch because it s a problem with Perl and the solution should only apply to Perl. We never know when this is going to cause a
    Message 1 of 4 , Aug 1, 2013
      Ken Takata wrote:

      > Hi Bram,
      > 2013/07/30 Tue 5:15:49 UTC+9 Bram Moolenaar wrote:
      > > OK. Is _USE_32BIT_TIME_T only used by Perl or does it affect the whole
      > > of Vim?
      > It affects the whole of Vim. So we have to consider other if_*s.
      > I confirmed that if_python/python3/ruby worked fine with or without
      > _USE_32BIT_TIME_T. I didn't check if_mzsch and if_tcl. (Note that
      > ActiveTcl 8.5 is also compiled by VC6.)
      > Another way is applying _USE_32BIT_TIME_T only to if_perl.
      > Please check the attached patch.
      > We have to make sure that we don't use time_t to exchange data
      > between if_perl.xs and the other part of Vim.
      > I'm not sure which patch is better.
      > > Would there be a way to handle it in the code somehow, with
      > > sizeof(time_t)?
      > I think it's difficult. A struct named "interpreter" has a time_t typed
      > member "basetime". (See perl.h and intrpvar.h.) If the size of time_t is
      > changed, all the members after the "basetime" are affected.
      > This is also related to 7.3.623.

      Thanks, I prefer this patch because it's a problem with Perl and the
      solution should only apply to Perl. We never know when this is going to
      cause a problem somewhere else, and then we probably forgot about this

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