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Re: svn syntax with localization?

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  • studog
    ... Not at the moment; the git respository is in a VM on my laptop which isn t usually publically available. I ll look at setting up on github. Also, I am
    Message 1 of 16 , Jul 29, 2013
      On Monday, July 29, 2013 7:55:47 AM UTC-4, Dmitry Vasiliev wrote:
      > BTW, can you send it as a pull request?

      Not at the moment; the git respository is in a VM on my laptop which isn't usually publically available. I'll look at setting up on github.

      Also, I am waiting until I've pulled all the translations from the svn source. I'm though the 0.x.x releases so far.

      But yes, I'll send a PR when the time comes. I did a patch just now so I could get a result out quickly, people could see exactly what I was talking about, and Bram likes patches.

      > There are some encoding errors in your patch - some of the characters just replaced with '?'.

      That's... odd. I attached the patch file instead of cutting and pasting to avoid encoding issues.

      > And actually I still think that it can be done in a simpler way. For example by searching for the last '^--.*--$' line in the file.

      That is an interesting idea. It does make the file somewhat easier to maintain again, but, it's still wrong. I'll have to double check the svn source, but I think they are matching the first instance of the exact string they expect. So the double-dash regex would have to match the first instance of double-dashes, which would still highlight my log messages incorrectly.

      I really don't think doing the correct matching is much work. All the 0.x.x releases have had only the one english string, which is still the same string in the current release. I expect I'll find that the translations were added once, and have used the same strings all the way though. (Which means my patch would be the finished result.)

      The only work thereafter would be pulling in the new translations as they occur, which I can do.


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