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Re: [patch] Limit window size on all platforms when setting lines/columns

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    ... OK, I ll include the patch and then we ll await any users reporting a problem. -- Two cows are standing together in a field. One asks the other: So what
    Message 1 of 5 , Jul 3, 2013
      Daniel Harding wrote:

      > >> The attached patch is a follow-up to patch 7.3.117 (Problem: When
      > >> changing the font size, only MS-Windows limits the window size.
      > >> Solution: Also limit the window size on other systems. (Roland
      > >> Puntaier)). That patch fixed the problem that on non-MS-Windows
      > >> systems, increasing the font size could cause the gVim window to grow
      > >> larger than the physical screen.
      > >>
      > >> A similar problem exists on non-MS-Windows systems when setting lines or
      > >> columns. According to the documentation for 'lines' ( or 'columns'),
      > >> "Vim limits the number of lines [columns] to what fits on the screen."
      > >> This is true on MS-Windows, but not true on other systems (in my case,
      > >> Linux). The attached patch makes the behavior consistent with the
      > >> documentation on all systems.
      > >
      > > Does this work correctly when Vim stretches over more than one monitor?
      > Sorry it has taken me so long to get back on this. Based on my testing,
      > I don't think the behavior on non-MS-Windows systems is any worse with
      > the patch than previously. Here's the behavior I observed with multiple
      > monitors:
      > On MS-Windows (with or without the patch), setting lines=999 causes the
      > number of lines to be limited to what will fit on the monitor the gVim
      > window is in (if the window spans multiple monitors, one of them is
      > selected and the window is moved to that monitor, but I have not been
      > able to determine by what method the selection is made).
      > On Linux (Gentoo) without the patch, setting lines=999 actually gives
      > 999 lines and sends the bottom of the window well past the bottom of the
      > screen. With the patch, setting lines=999 limits the number of lines to
      > what will fit in the total height of all the monitors (e.g. if the
      > desktop is extended onto two monitors side-by-side, the height of the
      > tallest monitor; if the desktop is extended onto two monitors one above
      > the other, the combined height of the monitors).
      > So while the behavior with the patch on Linux doesn't exactly match
      > MS-Windows in the multiple-monitor case, I believe it is certainly no
      > worse than before the patch, and in the single-monitor case, definitely
      > does what the documentation says, whereas without the patch, the
      > behavior did not match the documentation.

      OK, I'll include the patch and then we'll await any users reporting a

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