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Re: Bug report: Mouse events are interpreted with the wrong column

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    ... I can reproduce it. Strange that it works fine when ttymouse is set to sgr . Changing the unescaping in get_bytes_from_buf() appears to fix it. Thanks
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 1, 2013
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      Kevin Goodsell wrote:

      > Using Vim built with GUI support in a terminal, and ttymouse set to
      > xterm2, mouse clicks (as well as dragging events) in column 123
      > consistently register as being in column 96. E.g., if a line of text
      > contains 123 characters, clicking on the last character will position
      > the text cursor on the 96th character instead of the 123rd.
      > This seems to be caused by an inconsistency in how CSI (0x9b) is encoded
      > in the input buffer. In getchar.c, fix_input_buffer() encodes CSI as a
      > sequence of three bytes: K_SPECIAL, KS_EXTRA, and KE_CSI. (This only
      > happens when GUI support is compiled in, but the GUI is not in use.)
      > However in term.c, get_bytes_from_buf assumes that K_SPECIAL can only be
      > followed by KS_ZERO or KS_SPECIAL. If it's not KS_ZERO, the result is
      > treated as KS_SPECIAL.
      > The result looks something like this:
      > - When the user clicks in column 123, the terminal sends the column as
      > 123+32=155=CSI.
      > - fix_input_buffer gets a CSI character, and replaces it with K_SPECIAL,
      > KS_EXTRA, KE_CSI.
      > - get_bytes_from_buf reads a K_SPECIAL character. It checks the next
      > character and finds it is not KS_ZERO. It assumes the character must
      > therefore be KS_SPECIAL, and produces the byte K_SPECIAL.
      > - K_SPECIAL is 128. Interpreted as a terminal column, that is 128-32=96,
      > so Vim sees the reported mouse column as 96.
      > I see at least three contradictory ways for CSI to be encoded:
      > 1) In get_bytes_from_buf, the code appears to be looking for the
      > sequence CSI, KS_EXTRA, KE_CSI.
      > 2) In get_bytes_from_buf, the comment says that CSI is encoded using the
      > sequence CSI, KS_SPECIAL, KE_CSI.
      > 3) The actual sequence get_bytes_from_buf receives, and fix_input_buffer
      > writes, is K_SPECIAL, KS_EXTRA, KE_CSI.
      > I tested this on few different versions of Vim 7.2 and 7.3, including a
      > new build of 7.3 patch 1278 from Mercurial, on Debian Squeeze and
      > Jessie and Fedora 17, using xterm, Gnome terminal, Xfce terminal, and
      > rxvt.

      I can reproduce it. Strange that it works fine when 'ttymouse' is set
      to "sgr".

      Changing the unescaping in get_bytes_from_buf() appears to fix it.
      Thanks for analyzing that.


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