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Re: User defined action after jumping to a tag...

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  • John Szakmeister
    ... Sorry it s taken me a while to get back to this. Thank you for the suggestion. I ll look into this a little more. ... Hmm. I actually don t like the
    Message 1 of 5 , Jun 14, 2013
      On Fri, May 31, 2013 at 1:17 PM, Gary Johnson <garyjohn@...> wrote:
      > On 2013-05-31, John Szakmeister wrote:
      >> One issue I've run into a few times is that when jumping to a tag, I'd
      >> really like to center the line in the middle of the screen after
      >> jumping. The problem is that I also want to be able to use the
      >> taglist functionality, and I'd like this to work when plugins jump to
      >> tags for me (like CtrlP). I've resorted to patching plugins to add
      >> the `zz` where I need it, but it seems like Vim should offer a way for
      >> users to control this in general.
      >> If you agree, is there an acceptable approach? I know adding
      >> autocommands is generally frowned upon because of the issues that come
      >> with them. Is there some other mechanism that would work better?
      >> Perhaps assigning a function, similar to indentexpr, and then invoking
      >> it after jumping?
      > I like the idea of a post-jump expression, as long as the user has
      > control over the types of jumps the function applies to, an option
      > along the lines of 'foldopen'.

      Sorry it's taken me a while to get back to this. Thank you for the
      suggestion. I'll look into this a little more.

      > I generally like the way Vim adjusts the screen after a jump:
      > short, on-screen jumps don't scroll; long jumps center the cursor.
      > I usually don't like it, though, when the jump puts the cursor on
      > the first or last line of the screen. I want a little context for
      > that line.

      Hmm. I actually don't like the same screen jumps avoiding the scroll,
      but I could live with that. What I've noticed is that using CtrlP and
      jumping to a tag tends to put my cursor all over the place when
      jumping to another buffer. I wonder if that's because the tag is
      within the visible data at that point, so Vim doesn't scroll? I'll
      have to investigate that more.

      > 'scrolloff' is not the solution. I want to be able to move the
      > cursor to those top and bottom lines.

      Same here.

      > I've written a function that scrolls the screen if certain jumps
      > that I've mapped (e.g., n and N) put the cursor too close to the top
      > or bottom of the screen. It works very well, but it would be nice
      > if I could easily apply it to other jumps such as initial cscope and
      > tags jumps as well.
      > I do not want that adjustment to occur after a % jump, though. I
      > often use % to get as much of a block on-screen as I can. But other
      > users might want that adjustment for %, so control over the kinds of
      > jumps that use post-jump adjustment is important.

      Good point. Thanks for the example!


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