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Re: Wait for T_CRV / T_U7 response when shut down on some UNIX terminals

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    ... OK, let s keep the 100 msec value then. ... I think we should be careful. I have seen quite a few cases where typeahead was lost, and that can be very
    Message 1 of 4 , May 13, 2013
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      Hayaki Saito wrote:

      > > Waiting for 100 msec is a bit long, does it also work when
      > > waiting for 20 msec?
      > No, I think 20 msec is too short for waiting for responses from terminals.
      > Considering SSH session, It is required about 100 msec at least.
      > The latency is almost as same as vim's "timeoutlen" option theoretically.

      OK, let's keep the 100 msec value then.

      > > I guess any time will do so long as we give the
      > > terminal a chance to get some CPU time
      > Please note that the second argument of mch_delay in my patch is
      > FALSE, so it returns as soon as the response from terminal arrived.
      > Actually, It is rare case that it takes just 100 msec.
      > > stoptermcap() is also used for shell commands. If someone has a shell
      > > command in his startup script then tcflush() might cause a problem.
      > > It might help to call it only when exiting.
      > I agree, tcflush(fileno(stdin), TCIFLUSH) has some risk of discarding
      > key inputs or terminal responses.
      > But I think there is more risk that T_U7 / T_CRV responses are passed
      > into shell commands.
      > Typically, its echo-back sequence causes "garbage output" problem, and
      > T_U7 response sequence may be interpreted as <Shift-F3> by shell
      > commands.

      I think we should be careful. I have seen quite a few cases where
      typeahead was lost, and that can be very annoying. When checking the
      "exiting" flag turns out not to work well we can make another change.

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