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RE: Suggestion: Highlight the search pattern in :g/.../# or :g/.../p

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  • Choi, Jin-yong
    ... to ... for ... First of all, I apologize for violating the mailing rule. I think my previous e-mail is somehow strange-looking unlike others . But I
    Message 1 of 13 , Mar 22, 2013
      On March 21, 2013 6:52 PM, Axel Bender wrote:

      > How about implementing a highlighting of the pattern searched for in
      > expressions? At times the resulting list is quite long and it is difficult
      > identify the pattern. Highlighting it would be of great benefit (at least
      > me...).

      First of all, I apologize for violating the "mailing rule."
      I think my previous e-mail is somehow strange-looking unlike others'. But I
      didn't recognize the problem. Sorry for the confusion.

      I want to suggest to use ':grep' for searching the text and highlighting
      Maybe ':grep' is not in your interest. But it could make something more
      convenient cause we can get the result in Quickfix list.

      Here is the code. Tested only on Windows platform and vim version is
      currently 7.3.875.

      function! Grep(pattern)
      exe 'grep ' . a:pattern
      let @/ = substitute(a:pattern, '/\(.*\)/.*$', '\1', '')
      command! -nargs=+ Grep call Grep(<q-args>) | set hls

      cnoreabbrev grep

      for Eatchar(), :helpgrep Eatchar

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