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  • Marc Weber
    ... Looks like you re referring to this thread:
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 31, 2012
      Excerpts from Oliver Stieber's message of Tue Jan 31 15:55:59 +0100 2012:
      > Some good time ago I asked as to wither or not VIM could have more generic
      Looks like you're referring to this thread:

      > code completion e.g. integration with command line completion (BASH) and
      > file e.g. /etc/fstab

      > So, after a reasonable amount of research and other activities
      > I've ended up on the path of looking towards predictive shape
      > and gender types in the 'English' language primarily as guidance for
      > semi-inelegant completion and suggestion.
      gender types ? fstab? At this point you made me wonder whether you're
      kind of smart bot trying to catch attention (sorry for this feedback.)

      > or consistent correlation of male / female types and IO for instance, given
      > the technical background of those naming conventions....
      male/female/IO ? You lost me, see above.

      http://code.google.com/p/conque/ comes closest: it let's you run
      arbitrary shell application (also bash with its completion) inside Vim.
      However you can only type in "insert mode" thus all vim key bindings and
      advantages are gone.

      quoting from your first thread (mentioned above):
      > > > so then I thought, well if bash already has this feature, how hard would it
      > > > be to write an extension to vi, so that vi can look at some templates that
      > > > define completion equivalences for various configuration files or whatever.

      > > > and the I suppose ontop of that said templating language could be
      > > > portable so that emacs or 'internet explorer' could use it.
      makes me not understand a word. You associations don't make sense to me
      - sorry. Bash completions don't make sense in internet explorer. I don't
      have an small idea what you're talking about. You really should
      provide some examlpes. An example could look like this:

      In bash I can do:

      ls -<tab> and I'll get a list of options:
      -a = show hidden files
      -l = show detalis

      If you start providing some more concrete examples there might be a
      chance me getting an idea about what you're talking about.

      If you need help finding the files describing bash completion ping back
      again and I'll point you to the sources.

      Marc Weber

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