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Re: Bug: Macro not recorded on server for commands sent via client/server protocol

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  • Ben Fritz
    ... Maybe. But it sounds like it s intentional. As Andy says, ... IIUC, this means you can send things like: Ibegin A end to surround the
    Message 1 of 6 , Dec 5, 2011
      On Dec 5, 8:57 am, Mislav Marohnić <mislav.maroh...@...> wrote:
      > Andy, thanks a ton for letting me know about feedkeys(..., 't').
      > I've switched my "--remote-send" calls to "--remote-expr" that calls
      > feedkeys() and now macros are properly recorded.
      > However I still think it's a bug that "--remote-send" processes input "as
      > if coming from a mapping", as you said Andy. I've managed to work around my
      > problem, but this should definitely be fixed in vim.

      Maybe. But it sounds like it's intentional. As Andy says,

      > I think keys from a remote Vim are processed "as if coming from a mapping"
      > (remote_send() even understands key codes etc).

      IIUC, this means you can send things like:


      to surround the current line in begin...end in a remote Vim.

      But I've never had reason to try using remote_send for anything, so I
      could be mistaken. The :help for --remote-send seems to support this,
      at least.

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