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RE: Graphical bug with Lucida Console

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  • MacDonald, Stuart
    From: On Behalf Of Ben Fritz ... I ve never had screen garbage before (vims 6.something and up, WinXP and Win7), which is why I tracked this one down to a
    Message 1 of 5 , Aug 30, 2011
      From: On Behalf Of Ben Fritz
      > On Aug 29, 10:22 am, "MacDonald, Stuart"
      > <stuart.macdon...@...> wrote:
      > > On Windows 7 64-bit:
      > >
      > > C:\> gvim -u NONE -U NONE -N
      > > a<tab>C<esc>
      > > 0cw<spaces><esc>u
      > >
      > > Looks good so far.
      > >
      > > :highlight Normal font=lucida_console<enter>
      > > 0cw<spaces><esc>u
      > >
      > > There are lots of small yellow garbage bits left on the screen. (See
      > > attached.) They are cleared with <ctrl>l.
      > >
      > > :highlight Normal font=Fixedsys<enter>
      > > 0cw<spaces><esc>u
      > >
      > > And back to correct operation. Switching between the two fonts
      > > reproduces the bug, so it looks like it's a problem with Lucida
      > Console.
      > I don't get it in strange colors, but I regularly get leftover garbage
      > like that in the correct Normal fg color in my gvim in Windows XP. I

      I've never had screen garbage before (vims 6.something and up, WinXP
      and Win7), which is why I tracked this one down to a reproducible test

      > think I first noticed it back in 7.1 or 7.2, it's been around for a

      I'm not going to test older versions unless there is a specific
      request to do so.

      > while. It may not be the same issue, but other people have complained
      > in the past about it. I've never found a reliable way to reproduce it.

      My test case works reliably for me; perhaps others can have a try and
      report their success/failure? I'm wondering if it's vim's drawing or
      Windows, and, which particular Windows perhaps...

      > I do not use the font tag in highlight rules, but rather just set my
      > guifont. Maybe that contributes to why mine acts differently.

      My test case also shows garbage if I use
      :set guifont=lucida_console
      instead of the highlight command. I'd guess it's not specific to the
      method of choosing the font.

      > I use DejaVu Sans Mono most of the time, and occasionally Consolas, so
      > I doubt it's only Lucida Console.

      I don't have DejaVu Sans Mono, but Consolas does _not_ reproduce if I
      use it instead of Lucida Console in my test case.


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