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Typos in patches 101, 104, 119 of Vim73

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  • Jean Johner
    Hello, In patch 101: Subject: Patch 7.3.1 instead of 7.3.101 In patch 104: line Patch 7.3.104 missing before Problem ... In patch 119: Subject: Patch
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 22, 2011

      In patch 101: "Subject: Patch 7.3.1" instead of "7.3.101"
      In patch 104: line "Patch 7.3.104" missing before "Problem ..."
      In patch 119: "Subject: Patch 7.3.1" instead of "7.3.119"

      I guess these have no consequenses.

      Best regards,

      Jean johner

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