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Re: ilist fails in a xml fails (thinks whole file is a comment)

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  • Anand Hariharan
    ... (...) ... (...) ... (...) ... Thanks to James and Ingo for your posts. Just a note to say/confirm that when I stripped off m: portion from the
    Message 1 of 4 , Nov 3, 2010
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      On Nov 2, 2:13 am, Ingo Karkat <sw...@...> wrote:
      > On 02-Nov-2010 02:11, James Vega wrote:
      > >> 'comments' is set
      > >> to the default viz.,
      > >> comments=s:<!--,m:     ,e:-->
      > > The "m:    " portion of 'comments' makes Vim treat any line with leading
      > > whitespace as a comment (at least in any situation where
      > > misc1.c:get_leader_len returning non-zero is used as an indication of
      > > being a comment).
      > >> Could anyone else confirm this is a bug or is there something weird in
      > >> my setup?
      > > This sounds like something that could be improved in Vim.
      > I had noticed something like that, too. Since Vim 7.2, the ftplugin/html.vim
      > (and dtd.vim, xml.vim) define
      >     setlocal comments=s:<!--,m:\ \ \ \ ,e:-->
      > I agree with James's analysis that the "middle" part causes problems, because it
      > can also stand for a normal indented line, and thus matches in many lines that
      > are NOT part of a multi-line comment. Furthermore, I found out that Vim does not
      > strictly match 4 spaces, but also accepts a <Tab> for a match. Vim's
      > capabilities seem to be too limited for HTML/XML comments. (Using syntax
      > highlighting definitions for formatting a la ':setl comments=syntax:htmlComment'
      > might be a great feature to have.)

      Thanks to James and Ingo for your posts. Just a note to say/confirm
      that when I stripped off m:\ \ \ \ portion from the comments setting,
      I can get ilist to work just fine.

      best wishes,
      - Anand

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