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[BUG] Strange behavior when cchar is a special character

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  • ZyX
    If you launch vim the following way: vim -u NONE --cmd set nocompatible conceallevel=2 --cmd $ syn keyword Ctest cchar= t conceal abc -c $ normal! aabc n
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 25, 2010
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      If you launch vim the following way:
      vim -u NONE --cmd 'set nocompatible conceallevel=2' --cmd $'syn keyword Ctest cchar=\t conceal abc' -c $'normal! aabc\n'
      then you will see only two empty lines on the terminal. If you then
      press j and k, then you will first see ``abc'' on the first line
      and then ``a''. Nothing is higlighted with Concealed highlight group.
      The same thing will happen if you replace ``\t'' with ``\n'', ``\r'',
      ``\C-t'' (Control+T, ``\x14'', looks like that escape is not working
      in bash) and other ``\C-*''.

      I think that ``:syn'' command should throw an error on this characters
      instead of trying to use them in some way.
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