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Re: [patch] avoid useless call to update_single_line() when 'modifiable' is changed

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    ... Thanks. -- The word leader is derived from the word lead , as in the material that bullets are made out of. The term leader was popularized at about
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 1, 2010
      Dominique Pelle wrote:

      > Changeset 2266:fb627e94e6c6 introduced a call to update_single_line()
      > when 'modifiable' option is changed. At the time this change was needed
      > since 'modifiable' option had a influence on the way concealable items
      > were shown.
      > But now this change is useless I think since 'modifiable' no longer has
      > an influence on concealable items. Attached patch rolls back part of
      > 2266:fb627e94e6c6 to avoid a useless redraw when changing option
      > 'modifiable' and to simplify code slightly.


      The word "leader" is derived from the word "lead", as in the material that
      bullets are made out of. The term "leader" was popularized at about the same
      time as the invention of firearms. It grew out of the observation that the
      person in charge of every organization was the person whom everyone wanted to
      fill with hot lead.
      I don't recomment this; it's just a point of historical interest.
      (Scott Adams - The Dilbert principle)

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