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Re: Patch 5 second tutorial

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  • Ben Fritz
    On Jul 30, 4:10 am, Tony Mechelynck ... I would recommend using Mercurial, and actually if you are more comfortable with a GUI
    Message 1 of 4 , Jul 30, 2010
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      On Jul 30, 4:10 am, Tony Mechelynck <antoine.mechely...@...>
      > Or (Method II, with Mercurial)
      > 1.
      >         do nothing
      > 2.
      >         hg branch vim73-tests
      >         cd runtime/doc
      >         vim insert.txt
      >         cd ..\..
      >         hg commit -m 'Proposed change to insert.txt helpfile'
      >         hg update -r vim73
      > 3.
      >         hg diff -r . -r vim73-tests > ..\insert.txt.diff
      > 4.
      >         same as above
      > Or (Method III, with Mercurial and the mq extension)
      > 1,2,3,4: I don't know, you'd have to figure it out yourself.

      I would recommend using Mercurial, and actually if you are more
      comfortable with a GUI for doing such things, there's TortoiseHg
      available on Windows and I believe also on many Unix-like systems as

      In TortoiseHg the "Repository Browser" allows you to select two
      versions (on any branch at all, even two within the same branch if you
      don't feel like branching your changes), and right-click to "view
      Diff". Then a popup comes up where you can see the changes between the
      two versions in patch format, with a "save as" button allowing you to
      save the patch. If you have other changes as well you can select/
      deselect changes to include in the patch on a hunk-by-hunk level.

      It's not for everybody, and I know some people are probably muttering
      obscenities about me under their breath right now, but if you prefer a
      GUI to simplify tasks such as this...try TortoiseHg.

      When you submit the patch to Bram, make sure to include the changeset
      ID which the patch is based off of. This will be the version pulled
      from Bram that you are diffing your changes with. There are 2 versions
      that you can refer to in Mercurial, one is a simple decimal number
      (similar to Subversion revision numbers) that gets incremented every
      time you do a commit. Since your commits are not going to be the same
      as Bram's DON'T use this one. Instead, use the long hexadecimal
      changeset ID, which is a hash of the changeset, and is unique to the
      changeset no matter whose repository it appears in.

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