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Re: BUG: complete() doesn't respect :set completeopt=longest

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  • Ingo Karkat
    ... All right, so my reasoning isn t totally off and you re open to changes in this area. Thanks! As I mentioned, it s quite easy to switch to completefunc
    Message 1 of 6 , Jan 19, 2010
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      On 19-Jan-2010 17:25, Bram Moolenaar wrote:
      > Ingo Karkat wrote:
      >> After some more days of contemplation, I still find this behavior odd.
      >> Bram, can your standpoint be paraphased as such: complete() doesn't
      >> respect 'completeopt=longest', because it may result in only partial
      >> insertion of match text, and complete() should always offer the script
      >> full control over what is inserted.
      >> (But then, what's the point of protecting the inserted match; I can
      >> always use <BS> to partially remove text from the match after
      >> completion?! And, if a script really wants this, it could temporarily
      >> remove 'longest' from 'completeopt' to achieve this. Are there any
      >> examples where this is useful?)
      >> Please give me a short note if you won't consider changing this; I
      >> will then submit a patch for the help, as I think this special
      >> behavior needs to be mentioned somewhere.
      > You can try changing the source code to make it work like you want.
      > Problem is that the insert completion is a bit of a mess and very hard
      > to understand. I rather leave it alone.
      > Perhaps you can insert this line:
      > compl_get_longest = (vim_strchr(p_cot, 'l') != NULL);
      > near the end of set_completion(). Might work, might break some
      > things...

      All right, so my reasoning isn't totally off and you're open to changes in this
      area. Thanks!
      As I mentioned, it's quite easy to switch to 'completefunc' to work around this
      issue. But anyway, I put it on my list to look into next time I dig into Vim's
      sources. (I'm more into Vim scripting.) This might warrant a low-priority entry
      on todo.txt, too, so that maybe someone else is inclined to consider this.

      > the insert completion is a bit of a mess

      Sorry to hear; this is such a great and powerful feature.

      -- regards, ingo
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