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Re: Communication from a process to Vim

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    ... Several people have expressed the desire for this. However, it must be implemented in a portable way to make it really cool. ... OLE would only work on
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 18, 2009
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      Sada Thok (Riri?) wrote:

      > Hi Bram,I am developing a collaborative plain text editor, and that would be
      > a collaborative Vim. Several people can edit the same file concurrently.
      > That would be very exciting, right?

      Several people have expressed the desire for this. However, it must be
      implemented in a portable way to make it really cool.

      > To serve this purpose, I need a way of communication from my process to Vim.
      > I know that we can use OLE automation to send a command to Vim. I
      > successfully created one pair OLE communication: one process sending command
      > to a Vim instance (Currently I am using gvim). But, I would like to have
      > multiple file which can be edited concurrently. My current implementation is
      > to use one Vim instance and several buffers. However, for editing non
      > current buffer, we have to open that particular buffer and do the update.
      > Here, the context-switch between buffer is unbearable. My question: is there
      > a way to edit buffer silently? without having to open the buffer first.
      > Otherwise, is that possible if I can have multiple Vim instance which can
      > serve OLE automation server for each instance? Currently, I can only launch
      > gvim process which can serve as OLE server.
      > Looking forward to seeing your help.

      OLE would only work on MS-Windows. People on other systems also want
      this feature. And ideally it works in mixed environments.

      Using http commands works best, they go through firewalls.
      Unfortunately it's a stateless protocol.

      Perhaps using Python will help, instead of trying to implement this
      inside Vim. Keep in mind that you will also need to take care of
      security, thus having a bag of Python tools will be helpful.

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