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Re: Bug: an unnamed register contains too much

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  • Rhialto
    ... FreeBSD nvi Version 1.79 (10/23/96): Hello NetBSD nvi Version 1.79nb16 (10/23/96): Hello NetBSD nvi Version nvi-1.81.6nb1 (2007-11-18): Hello Nvi
    Message 1 of 4 , Sep 14, 2009
      On Mon 14 Sep 2009 at 16:45:36 +0200, Milan Vancura wrote:
      > Unfortunately I don't have plain 'vi' here so I don't know how it behaves in
      > the same situation. But at least the vim behaviour or documentation is not
      > correct. And, if possible, I vote for the behaviour from documentation, of
      > course.

      FreeBSD nvi Version 1.79 (10/23/96): "Hello"
      NetBSD nvi Version 1.79nb16 (10/23/96): "Hello"
      NetBSD nvi Version nvi-1.81.6nb1 (2007-11-18): "Hello"

      Nvi also complains that 'Buffer " is empty' if you try ""p .

      My Ultrix machine is off so I can't test *real* vi...

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