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Re: Combining characters not displayed correctly

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  • Tony Mechelynck
    ... Using DejaVu Sans Mono 8, all three examples display correctly in gvim. Also, I m busy with a Russian-French dictionary, and there too, the combining
    Message 1 of 7 , Aug 14 4:55 PM
      On 01/08/09 13:25, Bram Moolenaar wrote:
      > Lech Lorens wrote:
      >> Combining characters are not displayed correctly in gvim. They are
      >> displayed one character too early.
      >> Examples:
      >> Instead of Škoda I get  ̌Skoda:
      >> Â SÌŒkoda
      >> S + U+030C
      >> Instead of wieś, I get wiés:
      >> wiesÌ
      >> s + U+0301
      >> Instead of więc, I get wįec:
      >> wieÌœc
      >> e + U+31C
      >> The problem seems related to fonts, since I do get it if I:
      >> set guifont=Andale\ Mono\ 11
      >> set guifont=DejaVu\ Sans\ Mono\ 11
      >> set guifont=LucidaTypewriter\ 14
      >> Problem disappears if I e.g.
      >> set guifont=TlwgTypewriter\ 12
      >> I don't feel competent enough to decide whether this is Vim's fault. I
      >> would be grateful for comments from someone wiser.
      > It's probably a problem in the GTK libraries. Vim has to play some
      > tricks to make them display composing characters correctly.
      > If someone wants to dive into this, please do. I'm not going to spend
      > time on it.

      Using DejaVu\ Sans\ Mono\ 8, all three examples display correctly in
      gvim. Also, I'm busy with a Russian-French dictionary, and there too,
      the combining acute displays correctly over Cyrillic vowels. (Over Latin
      letters I use precombined diacritics.)

      These dictionary pages also display correctly using Times New Roman in
      both SeaMonkey (Gecko 1.9.1 with GTK2) and Konqueror (3.5.10, with Qt)
      though the accents are not exactly at the same relative location "above"
      their respective vowels. However I've seen Wikipedia pages (with
      "Cologne Blue" skin) displayed correctly in Konqueror and not in
      SeaMonkey (where the combining character would appear on the next letter).

      About the emails in this thread, which I read in SeaMonkey (you can get
      the exact version from my mail headers), most of the combining
      characters seem to be displayed one character too far to the right. I
      wouldn't swear that all of them were wrong. IIUC, the font used to
      display them is the system's monospace font, which doesn't say much
      (could be any fixed-width font installed).

      So IMO it "might" be a problem with the GTK2 libraries, or with some
      fonts, or with how to use the ones with the others, but it's hard for me
      to tell exactly "what" is wrong "where"... and whether or not GTK2 will
      correct it in some later release (which would mean that stopgap measures
      taken in the meantime by patching one of the various src/gui_gtk* might
      have to be undone to avoid combining signs being drawn too far to the

      Best regards,
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