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[ANN] TagManager: New plugin for integrated tag management; beta-testing help requested!

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  • Hari
    [This was posted on vim_use] This new plugin (TagManager) attempts to fill in the need for simple integrated tags database management from within Vim -- if you
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 5, 2008
      [This was posted on vim_use]

      This new plugin (TagManager) attempts to fill in the need for simple integrated tags database management from within Vim -- if you get annoyed having to refresh the tags databases manually, then this plugin should be of interest to you. I'm hoping that I can catch any platform-specific bugs in this attempt and also iron-out the interface to suit different user needs.  I did notice that the database updates took longer at times -- there are some optimizations that can be done to improve speeds later. I would appreciate your feedback, comments, and bug reports. Thanks a bunch!

           Plugin provides an integrated environment within Vim for building, maintaining,
           and using tag databases.
               * Specify a list of files or regex file search patterns for inclusion
                 in tags database
               * Support for multiple databases
               * Build and track tag databases for freshness
                   + Tracks new file creations when using regex file patterns                
                   + Update tag databases on every file save with
                     efficient incremental updates
                   + Tracks file changes outside of Vim
               * Might slow-up with huge databases because of Vim specific limitations
                   - Recommended method is to split multiple tag databases for
                     each sub-directory
                    1) Exuberant Ctags or other equivalent tag generation app
                    2) Vim 7 and above
                   Copy this file to ~/.vim/plugins/
                   or to /vimfiles/plugins/  (on Win32 platforms)
              Add the following to your ~/.vimrc, and launch vim from the project
              root directory
              TagManagerAddDb tags *.[ch]  <change as per source language )
              TagMangerAddDb tags **/*.[ch]  <Recursive; use only if there are
            :TagManagerAddDb  <tagDB name> <filelist/pattern> [directory]
               :TagManagerAddDb tags *.[ch]
               :TagManagerAddDb tags *.[ch] .
               [Note that both commands do the same, the directory is optional;
               if omitted, the current directory is used]
               :TagManagerAddDb tags **/*.[ch]
                 Recursively add all .c and .h files in the current directory and
                 directories under it. More complicated search patterns are
                 possible with the "**" operator. For more help, please see :help **
               :TagManagerAddDb tags **/*.[ch] ./dir1/,./dir2/,./dir3/
                 Selectively build individual tags in each of these directories
                 recusively. Paths are relative to current directory. It is also
                 possible to specify the absolute paths
               The sequence of commands has the same effect as the previous
               :TagManagerAddDb tags **/*.[ch] ./dir1
               :TagManagerAddDb tags **/*.[ch] ./dir2
               :TagManagerAddDb tags **/*.[ch] ./dir3
               :TagManagerAddDb tags  */*.[ch] ./dir4    [not recursive]
               Using file lists
               :TagManagerAddDb tags files.lst dir1
                   Uses the "files.lst" file in directory "dir1" for the database
                   creation. Instead of using regex patterns, file lists can also
                   specified. Note that these files must be created manually
               Shows the current loaded Dbs and their internal index
            :TagManagerRemoveDb <index>
                Use it to remove already loaded Tag Dbs. Index must be
                obtained from the show command
               :TagManagerShowDbDetail <index>
                   Show more details of the database: i.e., list of files tracked
                   Internal debug log; displays the sequence of
                   actions/events/system commands executed. In case of anomalous
                   behavior, please log this.
                :let g:TagMgr_CtagsProgName = 'ctags'
                   Specify the executable for the tag generation application.
                :let g:TagMgr_CtagsProgDir = ''
                   Specify the directory in which the ctags app can be found. If
                   it is on the path, then it can be left empty.
                :let g:TagMgr_CtagsExtraOpts = ''
                   Extra options for building the database. A better option is to
                   use the ~/.ctagsrc file to specify extra options; this will be
                   automatically used for every ctags run.
                :let g:TagMgr_AutoTrackDbs = 1
                   Disable (0) or enable (1). TagManager will automatically setup
                   the Vim 'tags' variable to reflect the current paths. (More to
                   come later for this feature)
                :let g:TagMgr_LogMaxLines = 30
                   Internal debug log. Sets the limit for the number of lines.
                :let g:TagMgr_SourceListFile = 'files.lst'
                   When using a regex for file specification, TagManager will
                   create a file list with this name and then pass it to ctags.

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