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Re: Incorrect Prolog syntax highlight in Vim

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  • Thomas Köhler
    Hello Bram, Can you please include the attached fixed prolog.vim in the distribution of vim? :-) Hello Amir, ... I see the problem. Unfortunately, it s not so
    Message 1 of 1 , May 3, 2008
      Hello Bram,
      Can you please include the attached fixed prolog.vim in the
      distribution of vim? :-)

      Hello Amir,
      Amir Yalon wrote:
      > Thomas, hello,
      > I am addressing you because you are listed in the Vim source file
      > prolog.vim<http://vim.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/vim/vim7/runtime/syntax/prolog.vim?view=markup>as
      > the maintainer. I had a short conversation with people on
      > #vim@FreeNodeIRC channel, discussing a specific line in that source
      > file.
      > http://vim.pastey.net/87025
      > Notice on line 4 how the comment is treated incorrectly as part of the
      > header.

      I see the problem. Unfortunately, it's not so easy to fix...

      > The discussion had a consensus that line 31 in
      > prolog.vim<http://vim.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/vim/vim7/runtime/syntax/prolog.vim?view=markup>should
      > be revised, but probably not in the way that Anonymous guy suggested
      > in Pastey. Another person suggested adding
      > "contains=prologComment,prologCComment" to that line. I have not tried to
      > hack into it myself, because I do not know enough about Vim syntax files.

      The problem with the hack in Pastey is that it won't work
      correctly any more with strings in the head - if those strings
      contain a ".", for example.
      The other suggested solution (adding
      contains=prologComment,prologCComment) won't work if said
      possible string contains "%" or "/*".
      And simply allowing ".%" to end the clause doesn't work either
      because it won't highlight the comment as the comment's start
      won't be recognized.
      So now my fix is to add a space to the end pattern of
      prologClauseHead (in the \.[ ] part of the match), which
      fixed the case in line 4. Unfortunately, that didn't help in all
      cases, so I had to add a "contains=" solution as well. I did it
      like this: contains=prologComment,prologCComment,prologString -
      that will also allow for strange things like the lines beginning
      from line 8 in the screenshot.

      > If there is anything I might do to help, please let me know, and I will do
      > what I can.

      I would not be too sad if someone would take over maintenance of
      the prolog.vim syntax file, as I haven't coded anything in prolog
      since I left university (which was 8 years ago). Other than that,
      you can only be patient, as I only read my private email
      occasionally :-)

      > Thanks, and best regards,
      > Amir


      Thomas Köhler Email: jean-luc@...
      <>< WWW: http://gott-gehabt.de
      IRC: tkoehler
      PGP public key available from Homepage!
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