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Re: About patch 7.1.282

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  • char101
    On Apr 3, 1:41 pm, Tony Mechelynck ... Right, the themed tabs look much clearer since it has top line for selected tab. But for
    Message 1 of 7 , Apr 3, 2008
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      On Apr 3, 1:41 pm, Tony Mechelynck <antoine.mechely...@...>
      > Hm. Here's what I see with default settings (and -u NONE) in gvim; but
      > it's a GTK+2 GUI running in X11 with a KDE windows manager (I'm on
      > Linux), so I don't know how much this resembles the OS-style tabs on
      > Windows:
      > http://users.skynet.be/antoine.mechelynck/vim/vimtabs.gif

      Right, the themed tabs look much clearer since it has top line for
      selected tab. But for windows with classic theme, the selected tab
      only differs in slight vertical size compared to other tabs so I
      prefer the flat look where selected tabs has darker background.

      > I think the colour of the foreground and background of the tabs' labels
      > can be set by a custom 'guitablabel' option

      I dont think we can set the colors becase the tabs are drawn by the OS
      instead by vim itself so all we can set is the text that will appear
      on each tab.

      > using my usual 'tabline' setting and my usual colorscheme. The current
      > tab (in the GUI) is shown by bold text, but I could have chosen any
      > other fg and/or bg, as shown by the change of bg in console mode.
      > These "text-style" tabs are, I believe, more platform-independent than
      > the "OS-style" tabs but you might find their look and feel less pleasant
      > (I actually prefer it).
      > If you're interested, I can yank the relevant lines from my vimrc and
      > colorscheme to define those custom "text-style" tabs.

      Thank you, but I actually prefer the GUI tabs since it seems to be
      more visible :-D. I also use each tab for its own file so GUI tabs
      will be more efficient since it uses narrower font.

      Best Regards,
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