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Re: matchparen doesn't work across long folds

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  • Gary Johnson
    ... I installed your plugin at about the same time that Bram s message arrived. I m testing his now, but I ll give yours a whirl later. Thanks very much.
    Message 1 of 5 , Feb 21, 2008
      On 2008-02-21, Erik Falor <ewfalor@...> wrote:
      > On 2/21/08, Gary Johnson <garyjohn@...> wrote:
      > The matchparen feature stops highlighting the matching "paren"
      > character when the number of buffer lines between the two parens
      > exceeds the screen height, even when some of those lines are folded
      > so that both parens are visible on the screen simultaneously. This
      > makes it difficult to find matching braces in C code, for example,
      > when viewing long functions in which inner blocks have been folded.
      > brace is not highlighted.
      > As an enhancement request after this is fixed, it would be nice if
      > that limit of 100 lines above or below the cursor could be
      > user-settable for when looking at really long blocks of code
      > containing folds.
      > Regards,
      > Gary
      > I have written a plugin that addresses this deficiency, and adds extra
      > functionality to the matchparen feature.
      > http://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=2059
      > I tested it out using the demonstration you provided, and verified that it
      > did correctly highlight the opening brace. I actually removed the 100 line
      > limit
      > completely from the
      > code, so that the entirety of the file may be scanned looking
      > for the matching brace. I suppose that I could code that back in and expose it
      > as a user-configurable option. However, after months of use I haven't found
      > it to be a problem.
      > You can try this out and see if it works well enough for your needs.

      I installed your plugin at about the same time that Bram's message
      arrived. I'm testing his now, but I'll give yours a whirl later.
      Thanks very much.


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