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Respects From Pakistan

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  • Asim Saddique
    Dearly Friend, May His Grace and Peace be with you Friend. I hope that this letter finds you in the best of yours health and spirit. We are also keeping well
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 10, 2008
      Dearly Friend,
      May His Grace and Peace be with you Friend.
      I hope that this letter finds you in the best of yours health and spirit. We are also keeping well by the grace of God.
      We feel truly blessed by God, having the privilege to work in His service. We work as a ministry in Pakistan called Christ Fellowship Ministries Pakistan
      Our goals are to help ease the suffering endured by persecuted Christians at the hands of the religious extreme fundamentalists and to work to restore a peace between the peoples. We also do what we can to educate the poor, to give them strength and hope to carry out their lives.  
      Christ Fellowship Ministries wants to help to educate the young children in reading, writing and arithmetic. We want to see them grow up educated and ready to face any challenge life may throw their way. We also want to see their parents and the elderly benefit from the Holy Scriptures being read in their homes to give them strength and courage to face the day. We are confident that we can return pride back to those who have lost everything, just because they long to serve Jesus Christ.
      Jesus commanded us with the beatitudes to care for those less fortunate than us. It is not enough to see the scourge of Satan across the backs of the hurting, but to do something about it. Join with us, and we will change what we can together!  
      (1)        FORMAL CHILDREN SCHOOL:  
      We do need your support in our Orphanages and formal education schools as every children in the school are studying free of cost and getting books, note books, stationeries, uniform, shoes and EtcÂ…..
      (2)        SUNDAY SCHOOLS:  
      This ministry is handling with Sunday schools in Toba Tek Singh , Shore Kot, Arif Wala and Okara where Christ Fellowship Ministries teaching about Bible and Christ. Sunday school manages to show the Christian Movies and provide them with Christian Story Books to make the learning easy and comprehendible.
      Sunday Schools also have choirs. Children learn about new Christian Songs in native Language. Choirs some times perform in conventions and in churches as well.
      (4)        FREE DISPENSARY
      Children on the streets are very much likely to risk their lives indulging into drugs and the ministries wishes them to lead health lives after getting treated.

      (5)        HANDICAPPED CENTRE:  
      Our visitation group is sharing the love of Christ with the handicapped children and adults. We are weekly arranging seminars and programs to share the word of God with these people and children.

      (6)        OPERATION SOUL WINNING:  
      Operation soul winning is a special outreach programme to win many souls and share the love of God in summer & Holidays in Rural &urban areas, with Literature distribution, film ministries, open air meetings, crusades etc..
      (7) Orphan:
      We are working with Orphans, Semi Orphans and Street Children.

      We invite the Mission partners to come here in Pakistan join us and reach these souls. We monthly and weekly organize prayer meetings in the communities and there is open platform for International Preachers, Church Pastors, Evangelistic and Missionary brethren to come and Labour with us in the harvest of the Lord.

      Please keep us in your mission fields and areas of Ministries and to uphold us in prayer & financial support. If you are willing, we will send you mission news updates through Email or post. We can send you invitation letter if you are interested to visit and preach in Pakistan among thirsty souls.
      Mission partners are requested to start prayer groups (if possible) to pray for our ministries.
      1. Our formal Education Schools
      2. Our Sunday Schools
      3. Our Handicapped Centre
      4. Our Free Dispensaries
      5. Operation Soul Winning
      6. Prayer Meetings
      May God richly bless and keep you. May Face His smile upon you and His light keep burning yours heart. May His Love, Peace and Joy be with you.
      We hope that we will more communication with you.

      In ChristÂ’s Merits,
      Pastor Asim Saddique
      Christ Fellowship Ministries

      website: http://cf.ministriespk.tripod.com
      Office Phone:  +92 462 515247
      Mobile :            +92 346 4877701
      Head Office
      Christ Fellowship Ministries Pakistan
      Pastor Asim Saddique
      Street address: Street# 01 House# 02 Mubarik Abad Christian Colony, Shor Kot Road
      City          :       Toba Tek Singh
      Zip Code  :      36050
      Province   :       Punjab
      Country    :       Pakistan

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