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Re: MacVIM: Right click spelling fix doesn't allow :spellr

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    ... Right. It s because the popup menu replaces the word directly, not using z= . This won t be easy to fix. ... This is because z= uses the context of
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 3, 2007
      Nico Weber wrote:

      > > Just throwing out little things I notice as I work with
      > > MacVim. Feel
      > > free to tell me to quiet down or report differently!
      > > If I correct a spelling error with 'z=' then I can use :spellr to fix
      > > the same mistake throughout the document.
      > > If I use the right-click option (way cool with the cascading list of
      > > options!) to fix the spelling, then :spellr reports 'E752: No previous
      > > spell replacement'
      > I did some testing, it's like this on windows as well. And on gtk,
      > the click on the corrected word in the context menu was ignored
      > completely. So this is a general vim bug, not a MacVim bug.

      Right. It's because the popup menu replaces the word directly, not
      using "z=". This won't be easy to fix.

      > Another thing I noticed: If I write "neccessary" and `:set spell`, z=
      > suggests "Necessary" but the popup menu suggests "necessary". Is this
      > intentional?

      This is because "z=" uses the context of the word, while the popup menu
      use the a spell function that doesn't see the context. Again, this will
      take some effort to fix.

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