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Re: Complete with Funcref?

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  • Tony Mechelynck
    ... Does it work if you use (untested) command! -nargs=1 -complete=custom,eval( TestFuncFuncref ) Testcmd or exe command! -nargs=1 -complete=custom, .
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 24, 2007
      Andy Wokula wrote:
      > I'd like to have a Funcref provide completions, but
      > this seems not to be supported yet:
      > function! TestComplete(arglead, cmdline, curpos)
      > return "foo\nbar"
      > endfunction
      > let TestFuncref = function("TestComplete")
      > command! -nargs=1 -complete=custom,TestFuncref Testcmd
      > :Testcmd <Tab>
      > E117: Unknown function: TestFuncref
      > :echo TestFuncref(1,2,3)
      > foo
      > bar
      > Am I missing something?

      Does it work if you use (untested)

      command! -nargs=1 -complete=custom,eval("TestFuncFuncref") Testcmd


      exe 'command! -nargs=1 -complete=custom,' . eval("TestFuncref") 'Testcmd'


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