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Re: patch 7.1.048

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  • Tony Mechelynck
    Bill McCarthy wrote: [...] ... Yes, that s approximately what I got yesterday evening (evening my time: as I m typing this it s 9:39 AM on Saturday); in
    Message 1 of 6 , Aug 4, 2007
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      Bill McCarthy wrote:
      > I just ran it and see that Bram has been busy. The
      > following 14 runtime files were updated this evening:
      > doc\ada.txt
      > doc\eval.txt
      > doc\pattern.txt
      > doc\pi_netrw.txt
      > doc\quickfix.txt
      > doc\todo.txt
      > doc\usr_22.txt
      > doc\usr_41.txt
      > doc\vim-fr.1
      > doc\vim-fr.UTF-8.1
      > ftplugin\changelog.vim
      > ftplugin\php.vim
      > plugin\matchparen.vim
      > syntax\rexx.vim
      > Thanks Bram!

      Yes, that's approximately what I got yesterday evening (evening my time: as
      I'm typing this it's 9:39 AM on Saturday); in addition I saw doc/tags and two
      A-A-P scripts, see attachment.

      Yes, thanks Bram indeed.

      Best regards,
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