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Re: Experimental patch -- clipboardwatch for Win32

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  • A.J.Mechelynck
    ... Ouch! You would have to make sure to :enew when going to other applications, or you d find yourself with rubbish pasted at the cursor in the current Vim
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 27, 2007
      Ken Hirsch wrote:
      > Here is an experimental patch for a new feature for gvim on MS Windows.
      > I'm glad to hear any feedback about the code or the feature itself. I've
      > tried to follow the conventions in the vim source code. I call the
      > feature "ClipboardWatch".
      > The new feature triggers an event "ClipboardChanged" whenever the
      > clipboard is changed (in any application). The Windows editor "NoteTab"
      > implements this (as "pasteboard") and it is, at times, very handy.
      > The feature is activated by ":set clipboardwatch" or ":set cbw".
      > To my .vimrc, I've added
      > if has("clipboardwatch")
      > au! ClipboardChanged * exec "normal \"*gp$"
      > endif
      > so that anything copied to the clipboard is pasted into the current buffer.
      > Notes--
      > At http://kenhirsch.net/vim
      > I have a downloadable zip file that includes these files:
      > gvim.exe
      > doc/autocmd.txt
      > doc/eval.txt
      > doc/map.txt
      > doc/options.txt
      > doc/tags
      > doc/various.txt
      > If you unzip directly into your Vim folder, usually
      > "C:\Program Files\Vim\vim70",
      > you should be good to go. Some zip programs may not honor the full
      > path, so you would have to copy the txt files to the vim70\doc directory.
      > (This gvim.exe was compiled with
      > nmake -f Make_mvc.mak GUI=yes DEFINES=-DFEAT_CBWATCH
      > using Visual C++ Express 2005)
      > I implemented the function 'ui_clipboard_changed()' in ui.c by copying
      > what seemed relevant from 'ui_focus_change()'. Not knowing much about
      > vim internals, it may need fixing, but I haven't seen any problems yet.
      > I could implement a direct paste in addition to (or instead of) the
      > event. This might be more convenient in most cases, if less flexible.
      > I am using
      > au! ClipboardChanged * exec "normal \"*gp$"

      Ouch! You would have to make sure to ":enew" when going to other applications,
      or you'd find yourself with rubbish pasted at the cursor in the current Vim
      buffer. (You may want to add a FocusLost autocommand to make sure some
      particular "clipboard" file was current.)

      To paste at end-of-file without moving the cursor:

      au! ClipboardChanged * exe 'norm m`' | $put + | norm ``

      > I added the $ at the end because, when the cursor is at the end of the
      > file and you "*gp with complete lines, the cursor ends up at the
      > beginning of the line. This might be considered a bug with "normal gp".
      > For X-Windows and MacOS, there doesn't seem to be any way for an
      > application to get informed immediately (synchronously) of clipboard
      > changes. X-windows seems to only notify the previous clipboard owner.
      > I didn't see anything in the Mac API documentation that seemed right,
      > but I'm not at all familiar with Mac programming, so I might have missed
      > something.
      > However, there's an open-source Mac utility called Jumpcut
      > (http://jumpcut.sourceforge.net/) which attempts to provide similar
      > functionality for Mac applications. It looks like it polls the
      > clipboard once a second to see if it's changed. This leads to two
      > conclusions:
      > 1. Polling the clipboard is the only way to do it on the Mac.
      > 2. Hey, that works! It could be done on X-Windows, too.

      IIUC, using "* on X systems would (with your autocommand above) paste anything
      that got _selected_ with the mouse, even in the absence of an "Edit => Copy"
      command. Use "+ to limit yourself to what was explicitly copied or cut.

      > The patch is relative to vim-7.0.220
      > These files are patched:
      > runtime/doc/autocmd.txt
      > runtime/doc/eval.txt
      > runtime/doc/map.txt
      > runtime/doc/options.txt
      > runtime/doc/tags
      > runtime/doc/various.txt
      > src/eval.c
      > src/fileio.c
      > src/gui_w32.c
      > src/gui_w48.c
      > src/option.c
      > src/option.h
      > src/os_mswin.c
      > src/proto/gui_w32.pro
      > src/proto/ui.pro
      > src/ui.c
      > src/vim.h
      > Ken Hirsch
      > Chapel Hill, NC
      > USA

      A lot of files to patch! I wonder whether the game is worth the candle.

      Best regards,
      Megaton Man: "LOOK at them! Helpless, tender creatures, relying on
      ME, waiting for ME to make my move!"

      (from below): "Move your ASS, Fat-head!"

      Megaton Man: "It is a MANDATE, and I am DUTY BOUND to OBEY!"
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