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Re: [PATCH] zip plugin: support any filename

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  • Charles E Campbell Jr
    ... Unfortunately, all three hunks were rejected by patch. In looking over them by eye, I see that all the issues have been previously taken care of. For my
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 24, 2006
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      tobutaz@... wrote:

      > Hello,
      > I've made a small fix to vim's zip plugin.
      > Before the patch, the plugin could only edit filenames with the zip
      > extension.
      > When using an autoloadcmd to open jars, the files would be edited
      > correctly, but they would be saved at the wrong place, and would be
      > ignored when opening the archive they were saved to.
      > The plugin basically stripped the zip suffix in some places, and added
      > it back at some point, causing these problems. Now the plugin always
      > uses the full path.

      Unfortunately, all three hunks were rejected by patch. In looking over
      them by eye, I see that all the issues have been previously taken care of.
      For my scripts I've set up three release states:

      NOT RELEASED -- my latest version (labelled v[0-9]*[a-z], ex. v3b).
      May be handed out to individuals while I'm attempting
      to debug some problem they're having. The version
      number will remain fixed while the plugin is in this
      state. These versions of my plugins shouldn't get
      generally released, but accidents happen.

      ASTRO-ONLY -- a somewhat experimental version of my plugins, also
      labelled with v[0-9]*[a-z] (ex. v3b). These versions
      have their trailing letter changed as they get
      updated. These versions appear on my website:


      <nothing> -- the plugin has been released on vim.org (and concurrently
      on my own website). These versions drop the trailing
      letters, having the format v[0-9]* (ex. v3). Those
      which Bram has picked up for vim releases have also been
      forwarded to Bram.

      In other words, I use the ASTRO-ONLY stage as a beta release, and NOT
      as an alpha. Helps get the bugs out before its released to potentially
      thousands. It'll save
      you some time&effort if you check out the ASTRO-ONLY release before
      debugging some
      problem -- it may have been addressed already!

      > I'm using this to edit firefox extensions directly inside their jar
      > files. I'm also attaching a patch that adds the required associations
      > (jar and xpi, I'm sure there are more).

      This problem can be taken care of by the users themselves; if some
      additional extension
      is masquerading as a zip file, the users can simply place, in their
      .vimrc, for example, lines
      of the form used in your zip-associations.patch. I'm somewhat leery of
      providing autocmds
      for a lot of extensions. I think there are at least 5 or 6 such
      extensions, and who knows how many
      more. Every time there's an action for an extension, the likelihood
      increases that it will cause
      problems for someone who is using that extension for something else.
      Now, one thing I would
      have no problem doing is to provide a note about it in the pi_zip.txt
      help file.

      Chip Campbell
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