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Re: no winclose event

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  • Hari Krishna Dara
    ... FYI, the last I needed this event, I wrote a function to do this. It is part of genutils.vim as NotifyWinClose(). Here is the implementation (written as a
    Message 1 of 9 , Sep 29, 2006
      On Wed, 27 Sep 2006 at 10:07am, Charles E Campbell Jr wrote:

      > Bram Moolenaar wrote:
      > >Charles Campbell wrote:
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >>Just a suggestion -- I'd appreciate a WinClose event. BufWinLeave would
      > >>almost do, but if two or more windows are open on the same buffer, then
      > >>no event. WinLeave fires whenever one changes windows, which isn't
      > >>what I want, either. Unless I'm misunderstanding the help for these two
      > >>events.
      > >>
      > >>
      > >
      > >What would this event be used for?
      > >
      > >The WinResized event has also been suggested. It could be used to
      > >update the Window layout. It will also be triggered when a window is
      > >closed, since another window will get bigger then. Would it be
      > >sufficient to only have a WinResized event? Would these events also be
      > >triggered when closing the last window of a tab page?
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > As an example: I have debugging output in a left hand window (Decho.vim
      > produces this sort of output);
      > when I hit <f9> on a function name, a vertically split window shows up
      > on the right and tags to the
      > named function. However, if that window already exists, I just want to
      > re-use it, not split and create another
      > one. To do that correctly, I need that window, when it is actually
      > closed, to perform some cleanup (ie. make a change
      > in a script variable). I want to allow other vertical windows, so there
      > isn't necessarily a fixed number of vertically
      > split panes. Actually, the script also allows <s-f9> to create a left
      > hand source window: [leftsource|debugging|rightsource].
      > The leftsource and right source windows may well be open to the same
      > source file. Consequently the various buffer
      > closing events aren't adequate. BufWinLeave almost does the trick, but
      > there's that "not when a buffer is still visible
      > in another window" caveat associated with it. That's what I've been
      > using, but it really isn't adequate.
      > A WinResized might easily occur when that window wasn't closed, too.
      > Regards,
      > Chip Campbell

      FYI, the last I needed this event, I wrote a function to do this. It is
      part of genutils.vim as NotifyWinClose(). Here is the implementation
      (written as a generalization), it is kind of heuristic (see
      CheckWindowClose). I will be happy to see a WinClose event though.

      let s:notifyWindow = {}
      function! genutils#AddNotifyWindowClose(windowTitle, functionName)
      let bufName = a:windowTitle

      let s:notifyWindow[bufName] = a:functionName

      "let g:notifyWindow = s:notifyWindow " Debug.

      " Start listening to events.
      aug NotifyWindowClose
      au WinEnter * :call genutils#CheckWindowClose()
      au BufEnter * :call genutils#CheckWindowClose()
      aug END

      function! genutils#RemoveNotifyWindowClose(windowTitle)
      let bufName = a:windowTitle

      if has_key(s:notifyWindow, bufName)
      call remove(s:notifyWindow, bufName)
      if len(s:notifyWindow) == 0
      "unlet g:notifyWindow " Debug.

      aug NotifyWindowClose
      aug END

      function! genutils#CheckWindowClose()
      if !exists('s:notifyWindow')

      " Now iterate over all the registered window titles and see which one's are
      " closed.
      for nextWin in keys(s:notifyWindow)
      if bufwinnr(s:FindBufferForName(nextWin)) == -1
      let funcName = s:notifyWindow[nextWin]
      " Remove this entry as these are going to be processed. The caller can
      " them back if needed.
      unlet s:notifyWindow[nextWin]
      "call input("cmd: " . cmd)
      call call(funcName, [nextWin])

      Here is a test case that shows how to use it:

      function! NotifyWindowCloseF(title)
      call input(a:title . " closed")

      function! RunNotifyWindowCloseTest()
      call input("Creating three windows, 'ABC', 'XYZ' and 'b':")
      split ABC
      split X Y Z
      split b
      call genutils#AddNotifyWindowClose("ABC", "NotifyWindowCloseF")
      call genutils#AddNotifyWindowClose("X Y Z", "NotifyWindowCloseF")
      call input("notifyWindow: " . string(s:notifyWindow))
      au NotifyWindowClose WinEnter
      call input("Added notifications for 'ABC' and 'XYZ'\n".
      \ "Now closing the windows, you should see ONLY two notifications:")


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