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Re: syntax bug. extend inside normal inside keepend

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    ... Complicated stuff. I m glad you managed to find a solution. But we need to check for side effects. I ll include it and try it out for a while before
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 26, 2006
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      Ilya Bobir wrote:

      > I've already posted about this bug in syntax matching code. But now I
      > have a fix.
      > Test case
      > =========
      > Having following syntax rules
      > :syn cluster Top contains=Block,String,Identifier
      > :syn region Block start=+{+ end=+}+ keepend extend contains=@Top
      > :syn region String start=+"+ end=+"+ contains=Identifier
      > :syn region Identifier start=+\${+ end=+}+ extend
      > and the following buffer is matched incorrectly
      > { "string ${var} string" }
      > on current vim version (7.0.109) I'm getting following syntax groups:
      > { "string ${var} string" }
      > IIIIII
      > Where B means Block region, S - String region and I - Identifier region.
      > While I'm expecting to see the following picture:
      > { "string ${var} string" }
      > IIIIII
      > Bug description
      > ===============
      > Bug appears, when one have an extend region inside a normal region
      > inside a keepend region. Currently, when any extend region ends vim
      > checks all the outer keepend regions to see, if theirs ends should be
      > "extended", but it does not checks intermediate normal (non keepend)
      > regions and theirs ends should also be checked otherwise one could end
      > up with a normal region been forcefully ended by enclosing keepend
      > region and this keepend region later be extended by a containing extend
      > region.
      > Just as it is seen in the first picture in the test case. Block region
      > ends String region on a first '}'. But later when Identifier region
      > consumes that first '}' Block region is extended, while String region is
      > not.
      > Solution
      > ========
      > Test intermediate normal region ends along with keepend region ends when
      > an extend region ends.
      > Here is a patch for syntax.c that does this check. I'm getting correct
      > behavior with this patch for my test case.

      Complicated stuff. I'm glad you managed to find a solution. But we
      need to check for side effects. I'll include it and try it out for a
      while before sending out an official patch.

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