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Re: [PATCH] russian vimtutor is b0rken in UTF-8 locale

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  • Alexey I. Froloff
    ... It s because tutor.ru is default file. Now there s no such thing like default russian encoding . I think it s better check if current locale is
    Message 1 of 5 , Sep 2, 2006
      * Bram Moolenaar <Bram@> [060902 16:23]:
      > Thanks. I notice you rename tutor.ru to tutor.ru.koi8. Is there
      > anything against keeping the old name?
      It's because "tutor.ru" is "default" file. Now there's no such
      thing like "default russian encoding". I think it's better check
      if current locale is supported and fall back to english if not.
      Maybe I'm a little paranoid ;-)

      > Just to avoid a big diff that doesn't change much.
      Well, first version will work now without changing much. Second
      version was supposed to be included in next "tarballed" version.

      Sir Raorn.
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