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Re: Bug in :runtime ?

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  • A.J.Mechelynck
    ... I didn t; except you mentioned as a kind of justification that $HOME wasn t in it. Best regards, Tony.
    Message 1 of 10 , Jul 26, 2006
      Bill McCarthy wrote:
      > On Wed 26-Jul-06 5:03pm -0600, A.J.Mechelynck wrote:
      >> $HOME/vimfiles and $HOME/vimfiles/after should be in your 'rtp' (on
      >> Windows); the first place where Vim looks for your _vimrc is $HOME even
      >> though it is not in 'rtp'. (And BTW, $VIM should not be in your 'rtp'
      >> either; but $VIM/vimfiles and $VIM/vimfiles/after -- and $VIMRUNTIME
      >> which, on version 7.0, is $VIM/vim70 -- should.)
      >>From :h starting
      > Recommended place for your personal initializations:
      > MS-DOS and Win32 $HOME/_vimrc or $VIM/_vimrc
      > I use the second choice.
      > In an office environment I do use the $home directory for
      > all personalizations. But at home, I find it more
      > convenient to not do this - nor do I rely on automatic
      > assignment of $home (this can lead to using embedded spaces
      > inside directory or filenames - an offense worthy of Gitmo
      > :)
      > My _vimrc contains:
      > set runtimepath=$vimfiles,$vimruntime,$vimfiles\\after
      > (I don't know where you got the idea that $vim was in there)
      > where:
      > let $vimfiles = $vim . '\vimfiles'
      > is defined at the top of the file.

      I didn't; except you mentioned as a kind of "justification" that $HOME
      wasn't in it.

      Best regards,
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