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Re: Bug: PHP omni-complete + multiple buffers (7.0b)

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  • Alan Briolat
    ... Aha, many thanks, I ll do that for now then! And thanks for fixing it :P
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 2, 2006
      Mikolaj Machowski wrote:
      > Dnia sobota, 1 kwietnia 2006 16:19, Alan Briolat napisaƂ:
      >> I am experiencing a bug with the php omni-complete, where if i have
      >> multiple buffers open, the omni-complete action (^X^O in insert mode)
      >> will give the following errors on anything other than the first buffer
      >> opened, and be missing quite a lot of the completion entries that are
      >> usually available.
      >> -----------------
      >> Error detected while processing function phpcomplete#CompletePHP:
      >> line 390:
      >> E121: Undefined variable: b:php_keywords
      > Oops. Sorry. Fast fix is to do::
      > %s/b:php_keywords/g:php_keywords/g
      > Sending fixed version to Bram.
      > m.

      Aha, many thanks, I'll do that for now then! And thanks for fixing it :P
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